Corner sofa in the kitchen

If in your kitchen you not only cook, but also eat with your family or just relax in between meals, then this room should certainly be supplemented with a small comfortable sofa.

For the kitchen, you should choose not only compact and functional, but also attractive externally sofas. In this article, you will learn how to choose the right corner kitchen sofa or even assemble it at home.

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Features and benefits

Kitchen sofas have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the most important advantages of this type of furniture is its compactness. The corner is installed in the place that is least used. Thus, you will save a lot of space. Pick up a small sofa for three or four people, and it will be convenient for you to have dinner there with your whole family.

Also, the installation of the corner sofa will make it very easy to zone the space.It is enough to put it in front of the kitchen, and on one side of the kitchen you will have a place to cook, and on the second - a seating area.

You can also use a corner piece of furniture to really divide the room into two parts. To do this, expand the sofa, and one of its sides will be used as a clear boundary between the dining area and the space for cooking. Thus, your sofa will not only decorate the room, but also serve as a practical addition to your work space.

There are also modern corner models of sofas with additional “bonuses” in the form of folding seats or sliding drawers, where you can store things that should not be constantly at hand. In a small kitchen such a sofa will be a real find for you, replacing shelves or bulky pedestals. Corner sofas can also be added to the shelves at the head. They can put small accessories or things that should always be at hand.

The advantages of corner sofas include their universal design. You can always find a universal option for any kitchen.In addition, some sofas are decorated with soft elements that can be changed if necessary.

It is also believed that the use of corner sofas is also good due to the fact that due to this arrangement of furniture, the walls in the kitchen will be less polluted. When the table is flush against the wall, the risk of splashing it with food while cooking or eating is much higher.

Kitchen corner seats are comfortable and practical. But you can not buy them just like that, you need to take into account all the parameters for which the furniture is different among themselves.

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There are several different types of kitchen sofas. The most common of them - the classic corner sofas. A soft corner of this type is purchased separately from the table and other details of the kitchen set.

In a small apartment with a small kitchen, you can install a corner sofa bed. Its advantage is that it can be used as a bed at any time.

If in the corner you plan to place only a place for common dinners, then you can pick up a sofa combined with a table. Dining groups, made in the same style, deprive you of the need to select furniture. The sofa set already looks fully.

Modern sofas, complemented by drawers - this is also a great option for the kitchen. Choose a practical sliding convertible sofa with a box, and you will not have problems with lack of space. Modular sofas are now represented in a wide variety, and retractable elements are almost always disguised in such a way that no one will guess what is under your seat.


The important role played by the material. What your corner is made of and inside it determines its quality and durability. First, let's talk about the fillers.

The most budgetary option filler - foam. But he has a lot of flaws. He serves not so long. If you sit on such a surface often enough, the soft tabs will quickly begin to fall inside.

More durability polyurethane foam differs. This material is, among other things, environmentally friendly and even resistant to fires. For the manufacture of upholstered furniture also used holofiber. It recovers quickly and serves for a long time.

But for many it is more important what material is used to fit the sofa. Most often it is leather or fabric.If you choose a fabric, you should give preference to durable textiles. Only in this case the sofa will serve you long enough, without rubbing and not losing attractiveness.

However, a fabric sofa is not the best option for a family with children. Kids will constantly stain the sofa, and stains are removed from the fabric is very difficult. Therefore, it is better to choose a leather sofa. If the sofa made of genuine leather does not fit into your budget, then you can choose eco-leather or a substitute.

Leatherette sofas in the kitchen are the most practical. From such a surface it will not be so difficult to clean food stains. The only drawback of leather sofas is that this material dims and wipes out very quickly.

Alternatively, you can choose covers that are easily erased in the machine. In addition, you can if you want to change one stylish cover to another. So, after the repair you do not have to buy a new sofa.

Finally, it is worth mentioning what material is used as a frame. For this purpose, not only wood is chosen, but also plastic or metal structures. Naturally, the smallest loads can withstand plastic frame.Wood will be a little more sustainable. But in terms of cooking and constant temperature drops the wooden frame will serve you not so long.


A good corner sofa should not take up too much space. But at the same time it should fit all your family members and guests. To maintain the perfect balance, measure the parameters of your room before buying furniture. Then you will be sure that the mini-sofa will not only fit in the kitchen, but will not interfere with the movements and the cooking process.

If you have a large family or you often like to receive guests, then it is better to buy a large sofa than to buy more and a huge amount of chairs. If in your small room the corner does not fit, take a look at convenient and practical transformers. A small sofa that unfolds, perfect for the kitchen.

The standard sizes of a kitchen corner vary from one to two meters. This sofa is quite compact and will fit even in a narrow room. If you have not found a suitable option for yourself, then you can order a corner that fits perfectly in your room.

Choose multifunctional small sofas for your kitchen so that there is enough space in the room for cooking and for family meals.

Colors and decor

The corner in the kitchen should fit the style of your chosen kitchen interior. This is the main rule. But if you do not know what choice to make, then think about the classics. Two classic color options - light and dark. Plain sofas made of beige or brown leather will be a versatile addition to any kitchen. At the same time, these colors are perfectly combined with dark and light wood used as a frame.

Recently, all manifestations of eco-design are gaining popularity. Therefore, in your kitchen you can also install such a sofa with a wooden base and seats made of natural materials. Simple, natural colors: green, blue, brown, yellow and others will help to emphasize this light and natural style.

Another popular style today is Art Nouveau. For such a modern interior fit single-color sofas with simple shapes and the absence of unnecessary decorative elements.You can also choose a fabric with original abstract patterns or rectangular inserts in contrasting colors.

And in the elegant Provence style there is a place for a white sofa. But, if this color seems unnecessarily branded, you can choose any other pastel shades, or floral patterns.

How to choose

To choose a good sofa for the kitchen, it is not enough just to know the parameters of your ideal furniture. It is advisable to buy furniture in real time, rather than ordering online.

To check how comfortable your new sofa will be for you, you need to sit on it, checking for softness and durability. Sit on it, sit back, move. You must be sure that you are comfortable in any position. Next, you need to check back. It should not be too low. Despite the fact that models with lowered backs look very stylish, it is completely uncomfortable to sit on them. It is desirable that the back was installed under a slight tilt. This will allow you to relax as much as possible when necessary.

When choosing a seat, pay attention to its softness. Many believe that the surface of the sofa should not be too soft, because it spoils the posture. But in reality this is not at all the case.After all, on the couch you will still want to relax and rest. Soft and deep seats will contribute to maximum relaxation. Since the sofa in the kitchen is used almost every day, his frame should be strong enough. The ideal option is a durable natural wood. But wood is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. There are available alternatives in the form of sofas with a chipboard frame.

The last factor is upholstery or cover. The only objective factor worth paying attention to is quality. Do not buy furniture with seats made of too thin fabric, because it wipes extremely quickly.

How to do it yourself

Real home craftsmen can easily make a corner piece of furniture with their own hands. This is not a very complicated process. To start designing a sofa is to build the side.

First of all, you will need drawings. A simple scheme will allow you to successfully cope with the task and make a beautiful thing. According to the finished drawings, cut the individual arcs of the rack. It is necessary to fasten the base as much as possible with self-tapping screws. Then it should be sheathed with sheets of fiberboard. This is followed by mounting seats.

The easiest option is to stick foam foam on the seats with “Moment” glue, then wrapping them with a cloth. The same fabric is covered and plywood parts for the back. It is fixed with a construction stapler.

When working with a fabric, you should not take one huge piece of fabric 130 cm long by 180 cm. Divide it into separate parts, taking into account all the features of your future design.

Cost of

Not everyone can afford expensive models of kitchen furniture. But from any situation you can always find a decent way out, sacrificing what is not so important for you.

The most high-quality and expensive sofas are upholstered in natural leather. If the budget allows, then it is best to choose this option. Leather sofas serve for a long time, which means that the high cost will be fully justified.

A more affordable option - a kitchen corner, made of leatherette or eco-leather. This sofa looks quite stylish. It is significantly cheaper than the classic leather model. Well, the cheapest option is, of course, upholstered furniture.

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Top manufacturers

So that the quality of the furniture does not disappoint you in the end, it is best to buy furniture from reliable manufacturers.

You can support a domestic manufacturer by purchasing a stylish corner from manufacturers such as Cosiness, Laguna, or Ami Mebel. If you are looking for some kind of universal design solution, contact manufacturers such as Manka, LifeMebel or Pinskdrev.

Interesting solutions in interior design

By itself, a stylish sofa will not make the kitchen interior radically different. Choose your new "corner" for your style.


Most often, modern apartments use a style such as minimalism. This is justified not only by the fact that most kitchens are not very large. It is also a matter of the visual appeal of such interiors. If you do not like the abundance of decorative elements - feel free to choose a sofa in the appropriate style. It is distinguished by the most soothing colors and simple geometric shapes.


Smoother and softer lines are characteristic of modern style. A sofa with rounded edges and the same back looks very attractive. If the minimalist style is welcomed first of all, contrasting monochrome colors, then in the modern style you can find bright and saturated colors.


The kitchen in the classic "English" style is perfect for large kitchens in private homes. However, it is possible to embody such an idea in a room with smaller dimensions. This style will look good soft leather sofa with curved wooden legs.


It is impossible not to notice and actively manifested interest in the vintage style and retro. There are many manifestations of this style. Here it will be appropriate and a sofa with low legs in a small flower, and spectacular furniture with carved inserts in the area of ​​the armrests.


Lovers of minimalism will also like the corner sofa, made in the Scandinavian style. It also uses the most light and calm tones and clear even forms.

Corner models of furniture in the kitchen will allow you to save space in your room and use it as efficiently as possible. Choose a sofa that you like and best suits the details of the interior of your kitchen, and the seating area will be the perfect place to relax and rest between different stages of cooking.

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