Direct kitchen sofa for a small kitchen

In most typical apartments the kitchen cannot boast of large spaces. But you need to place so much of everything you need: a kitchen set, tables and chairs for the whole family, a refrigerator and a sofa.

Of course, I want to stay at the table as comfortably as possible. Many are accustomed to watching TV in the kitchen, dining or having breakfast. And what could be nicer at this time to sit comfortably on a soft and comfortable sofa? Fortunately, in our time there is an opportunity to purchase sofas of any size and thereby increase the comfort of being at the kitchen table, because, perhaps, any, even the smallest sofa is superior in comfort to the softest, quality and expensive kitchen chair. It will add style and beauty to the room thanks to its beautiful upholstery and shape. In addition, there are models in which compartments are provided, and you can store various kitchen items in them: napkins, towels, dishes, tablecloths, and so on.

Also, if we are talking about a sliding model, then it will be able to provide an extra bed, which is, by the way, when you need to accommodate guests overnight. For all these purposes, a small straight kitchen sofa is perfect, it will be discussed in the article.

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How to choose

Wanting to purchase an extendable straight sofa, note that when unfolded, its dimensions significantly increase. Measure the dimensions in advance and provide for this moment. A straight model is best combined with a rectangular or square table. This composition is complemented by chairs and looks great together.

The best fit models of sofas - books. They are easy to understand, they can be decomposed at least every day and it will hurt them a little, unlike other models. They also have the same storage compartments.


Naturally, the kitchen sofa is at risk of contact with various foods.

Therefore, a good upholstery is moisture resistant, easy to clean, does not absorb fat and does not fade. According to these parameters, leather upholstery or its substitute is excellent. Also nice wicker rattan sofas, which look just great.There is also an option with velor, which is impregnated with a special compound and a flock with a teflon surface. However, you can lay blankets on the sofa, which will be easier to wash than upholstery. You can also purchase special covers for sofas. Pillows, covered with pillowcases that are easy to wash, are selected for them. These are great budget options without sacrificing kitchen design. They will increase the life of your sofa.

In small kitchens, the upholstery of light colors looks better; it will visually increase the space of the room. Especially well with the glass table, which will create a feeling of lightness.


The sofa can be placed:

  1. Right or left near the window.
  2. Under window. This is the most common place to place furniture of this form.
  3. In the center of the kitchen. Not the most popular option for small kitchens, but will fit in exotic cases when the plan is to divide the room into two zones.
  4. Attached to the kitchen headboard back. A great option for the kitchen, in which a separate countertop for cooking.


  • Provence. A model with soft handles with upholstery, on which there are prints corresponding to this style with the image: flowers, plants,animals, kitchen items.
  • Country Perfectly fit sofas - benches made of wood.
  • Modern A straight-cut model with leather or leatherette upholstery is suitable.
  • Classic style. Also as for the modern will fit a model of a strict form, with elements of thread and forging
  • Minimalism. Suitable laconic model of a rectangular shape, without unnecessary details.
  • Scandinavian style. Best of all it will look like a sofa with light, ideally white textile upholstery.
  • Baroque. Leather or velor.
  • Art Deco. Models bright velor upholstery, large back, without armrests.
  • Empire Luxurious, pompous sofa, corresponding to the character of this style.
  • English style. Wooden model with gold, with pillows with tassels.
  • Antique style. Soft red or bright yellow sofa.
  • Modern The sofa is an asymmetrical, non-standard shape, with a bright finish.
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A straight sofa will add beauty, brightness and add comfort to the kitchen. He will have a leisurely meal, a long gathering with family and guests, add extra beds and storage space for utensils.

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