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The fashion for kitchen sofas appeared relatively recently. Previously, the decor of the kitchen was very austere - the dining area consisted of a table and stools. At best, it could be chairs with backs. Today in many apartments you can see sofas of different sizes.

The kitchen has always been and remains a zone where family council meets. It makes important decisions, intimate conversations over a cup of tea. Here you can safely retire with a book or laptop, watch TV. All this is much more convenient to do on a soft comfortable couch. Even in small kitchens, narrow corner sofas are sure to fit.

And if the dimensions of this room allow, you can install a sofa with a sleeping place in the kitchen.

Often, the owners of small apartments use this sofa every day. On the kitchen couch can spend the night late guest. And although the kitchen is not the most suitable place for a good sleep, sometimes this possibility is just a salvation.

According to Swedish designers, kitchen furniture should not be cumbersome.At the same time, a prerequisite for it is comfort and functionality. The company IKEA offers comfortable and practical models for the kitchen with an extra bed.

For those who value time, Ikea offers a huge number of models of furniture. Here you can also use the online constructor service and see how this or that instance will fit specifically into your home. It may happen that you liked one model, but the offered types of upholstery are absolutely not suitable for you. Specialists of the company will make a sofa according to your individual wishes.

The company is pleased to offer its fans a variety of forms of kitchen designs for sleeping. They can be angled or in line. The number of seats can vary from one to several, and the seats themselves can be independent of each other. They can be shifted to the side, recline or even shoot.

Frame material

Economy models are made mainly of fiberboard with veneered coating. At the same time, the veneer for protection against moisture is coated with several layers of varnish. Sofas of an average price category can be executed from MDF.The frame in these sofas can be covered with upholstery. It happens that the frame is made of solid wood. They are much cheaper than other models. If your family has allergies, perhaps in this case it is worthwhile to look at this option. However, practice shows that furniture in general and sofas in particular, have been in operation for about 20 years. After this period, usually bought new furniture.


Consider some of the models offered by the company.


This option is suitable for a small budget. Due to its solid metal base and simple “book” design, it is very popular with families with small children. It can also be purchased for a rented apartment. Its convenience is also in the fact that the cover of the sofa is removable. It can be washed or replaced with a more appropriate color. However, the sofa is quite bulky and may not be suitable for a small room.


Corner version of the sofa for the kitchen with rounded shapes and filled with polyurethane foam. It is perfectly suited for kitchens, as the upholstery is made of artificial leather. This is very practical, as it does not absorb moisture and it is easy to remove all dirt from the kitchen, which is more than enough in the kitchen.


This model of a folding sofa can be executed in two and three-seater execution. The three-place design provides built-in storage boxes.

If you are hosting a large company, you can remove the armrests to create additional seating. If you have a lonely guest, he can spend the night on this couch, not laying it out - soft quality filling will ensure him a great sleep. Upholstery can be from fabrics of different quality, including leather.


This sofa is able to revive even the most austere and ascetic interior.

The model is very compact and especially popular among the youth audience, which came to the liking of a stylish and daring design of the sofa.

Upholstery can be selected from the available samples of textiles and leatherette. A great addition is the removable case. Thanks to him, the couch will not see traces of tumultuous gatherings and long feasts.


The sofa can be two and three seats. The main advantage of this model is that it can be rolled from one place to another - except for the legs, the sofa also has wheels.

Thanks to them, the sofa can be moved not only in the kitchen, but also in the apartment. Another advantage of the Levos sofa is the availability of a folding mechanism. In addition, the set comes mattress with medium hardness on which you can sleep, not only on a case-by-case basis, but also daily.


Another model of the sofa, only with storage space and sliding mechanism. This is a budget model with a frame of fiberboard. Included are two pillows with removable covers. Suitable for small spaces - kitchen, loggia, cottages. In the unfolded form is a full bed, on which there is enough space for a couple.


Due to its low price and compact size, the model is very popular.

If your kitchen can not boast of excess space - this is an option for you. Very simple model without frills with upholstery in synthetic fabric. In folded form it is suitable as a bed for a child.

In the unfolded state, it can safely accommodate two adults. However, if you believe reviews of the owners of this design, it is good as a temporary overnight stay.But constantly on such a bed to sleep is not too comfortable because of a thin layer of filler.


Another version of the corner model. Its peculiarity is that the corner of the sofa can be turned in both directions.

The sofa has a retractable mechanism that easily turns it into a bed. In addition, there is a niche in which you can hide pillows, which are also included. The seat frame is made of solid pine, the filler is polyurethane foam with a density of 20 kg / cubic meter, and the upholstery is made of polyester.


Thanks to the classic design, it is absolutely suitable for any kitchen. When folded, it has two seats. Because of his miniature size, his often in love couples - it is convenient, for example, to watch movies, hugging. Rolling mechanism provides two full beds.

The armrests are quite reliable and soft at the same time. Therefore, this sofa is suitable not only for the kitchen, but also for the nursery. The cover is removable, easily washable in a washing machine. There is a box for bed linen.


The folding mechanism "book" with an orthopedic base and a removable mattress. In this, it looks like the Bedingo model.The difference is that the design of this model is not provided for heavy mattresses. For this piece of furniture, a mattress is needed less massive. Excellent guest option, also convenient for giving and rental housing.

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