Chandelier in the kitchen with their own hands

The kitchen is a gathering place for the whole family. Therefore, its design should have a cozy conversation and create a mood. Chandelier in the kitchen with their own hands - the original lighting fixture. Moreover, if you intend to make it according to the proposed schemes, you still get a unique thing, which no one of your friends has. After all, you are guided only by the technological side of the process, and the selection of colors and decor is already a manifestation of personal preferences and ideas.

From scrap materials it is not difficult to create a real masterpiece that will please for a long time with its unusual appearance.

Of thread

The threads will allow you to simply create a light shade, which looks very stylish. It will fit perfectly into the interior of any kitchen, it remains only to choose the appropriate color of thread. Thick cotton threads are ideal in this respect, but woolen ones are not suitable.

  • In order to make a chandelier in the kitchen of threads, inflate the balloon.Its size determines the dimensions of the future lampshade. At the base of the ball with a marker to draw a small circle.
  • PVA glue should be poured into a small cup and gradually, treating them with thread, wind it in a chaotic manner on the ball. The drawn circle of the thread should not touch. Immediately handle a large section of the thread is not worth it. Please be patient, as the work will be monotonous and long, but the result will be amazing. You can simplify the work if you pierce a bottle of glue (closer to the base) and pull a thread through it.
  • After the whole ball is covered with a layer of thread soaked in glue, leave it to dry for a day. If the resulting frame is hard, the product is ready and the ball can be blown off. We specially drew a circle on which it was not necessary to wind the threads in order to pull out a blown-up ball through the hole. This stage of the process requires accuracy.
  • It remains to cut a hole for a cartridge and hang a lampshade in the kitchen. Additionally, this chandelier can be decorated with paper or fabric butterflies, flowers.

From wood

A wooden chandelier is suitable for an oriental-style kitchen in country style.It is not suitable for small rooms.

  • The simplest option is the bars knocked down in the shape of a cross, in which “fish eyes” are inserted.
  • A wooden wheel from an old grandmother's spinning wheel can also be used to create a beautiful chandelier. It will be the basis on which matte ceiling lamps are fixed.
  • An interesting design solution will be a chandelier of small twigs. To create it you need a beach ball. It is pumped and wrapped with cling film. Further, small branches of trees in the shape of the letter “U” are glued to this frame, the length of which is no more than 12 cm, and the thickness is 0.5 cm. Dry branches are used.

In order for the frame not to fall apart and be reliable, the branches are glued in 3-4 points. As a result of the work, a spherical construction of branches is obtained. If desired, branches can be painted.

  • Another option - the use of branches of different lengths, which cascade hanging from a round frame. The shape of this lampshade resembles a medieval chandelier and looks unusual.
  • To create a spectacular chandelier in several floors, suitable wooden clothespins.
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From glass jars

The advantage of chandeliers made of glass jars is that the glass is heat-resistant material and it is safe to use ordinary incandescent bulbs with this material. To work, you will need special banks, i.e. those that have the caps unscrewed.

  • On the lid of the can in the center we outline the contours for the cartridge. To the diameter of the circle was the desired size, remove the screw cap from the cartridge and circle it with a marker. Next, a hole is cut through the contour. This can be done with a drill, drilling holes as close as possible to each other and squeezing the resulting circle.
  • A cartridge with a light bulb is inserted into the hole. It remains just to twist the jar on the lid.

It is possible to assemble several such cans in one bundle, hang them at different lengths, paint them in different colors. Banks of the different size will look very interesting.

From fabric

From the fabric you can make a very beautiful lampshade that will refresh the kitchen and add zest.

  • For this fit the old lamp shade. If it is iron, then it should be cleaned with sandpaper and covered with a layer of primer.
  • In a bowl we dilute the glue for non-woven wallpaper and put the fabric that will serve as the base.It is better to make the surface textured, by scraping the fabric and forming chaotic folds from it.
  • After drying, paint the lampshade paint the desired color. This is easy to do with a dish sponge. Again, leave the paint to dry.
  • Now the chandelier can be decorated on your own. For this fit artificial leaves, flowers, beads, twigs, ribbons.
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Another option to create a fabric shade for the kitchen is to use ready-made hoops. To cover with a fabric such a structure is quite simple. Artificial flowers, laces and ribbons are also used for decoration.

To create a delicate composition, use roses and white cloth. And for the kitchen in a rustic style suitable multi-colored stripes of fabric.

Of beads

Unusual, but very beautiful lampshade, you can create using ordinary beads. To do this, you need a frame from the old lamp. Beads of different sizes and colors, glass beads - all of this is strung on a fishing line, forming an interesting bright canvas between the two hoops of the frame.

To make a gentle and light shade, you need two kinds of beads: pearl and transparent. They should be mounted on a silver wire so as to imitate the branches.The resulting decoration elements are attached to the rings that form the frame of the chandelier.

A chandelier made of large-sized wooden beads painted with acrylic paint will flow into the mixed kitchen interior.

From plastic bottles

Many of us have accumulated a bunch of plastic bottles of soda, with which you can make a beautiful lampshade.

  1. Originally cut leaves of different sizes.
  2. We process their edges with a soldering iron. You can even "draw" them streaks. So the sheet will look more natural.
  3. In each leaf at the base we make a small hole.
  4. We form branches. For this you need a copper wire about 20 cm long.
  5. At the base of the branch we place the leaves larger, by the end - smaller.
  6. The resulting branches are mounted on the frame.
  7. Light bulbs will break through the plastic foliage and create an amazing effect.

From kitchen utensils

Ordinary objects, without which the kitchen space does not appear, can also help in the creation of unusual lamps.

  • Tea cups. An old outdated service can turn an ordinary chandelier frame into a masterpiece. The kettle is located in the center of the chandelier itself, and the cups with saucers are on the edges.Depending on the design of the frame, the cup can be placed bottom up or down.

Small lamps from cups suspended at different heights will look very stylish.

  • Spoons and forks. To create an unusual ceiling will need plastic spoons. They cut off the handle. The received details in a chessboard order are pasted over a plastic bottle with a capacity of 5 liters. Such a chandelier resembles a big cone. If desired, it can be painted.
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If you do not cut off the handles from the spoons, but direct them to the outside of the lampshade, then such a chandelier will look like a needle-like aster.

The easiest way to create an unusual chandelier is to paste over an old lampshade with them. White and silver spoons will look very impressive.

Another option to create a chandelier from plastic forks and spoons is to form a ball out of them. It looks futuristic.

If you place the iron spoons on a round frame, you will get a spectacular chandelier in several tiers in the spirit of the Middle Ages. You can add a row of teacups by hanging them on the handles.

In the same style, a chandelier with forks alternating with chains, large glass pendants and beads looks like.

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In the manufacture of chandeliers with your own hands, you not only create a unique thing, but also invest in it a piece of your soul. The joy of creativity is an incomparable feeling. Such a piece of furniture will radiate heat in every sense of the word.

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