LED lighting for the kitchen

The design of the kitchen requires special care and thoughtfulness. It is in this room that family members spend most of their time. Here is cooking, friendly conversations and family dinners. Modernity and convenience in kitchen design plays a big role. That is why most people have begun to give preference to LED lamps.

Special features

Such lighting is comfortable for perception and is able to place accents in the right places. The use of LEDs is characterized by increased safety. The voltage in these lamps is much lower than in ordinary ones. Manufacturers in one voice claim that such lamps are able to work for 10 years.

The main advantages of such lamps:

  1. Efficiency. LED lamps consume a small amount of electricity. Many people stay up late in the kitchen and lamps will help save on light.
  2. Overall size Such lamps can have very small sizes. You can arrange them in any corner, it gives the opportunity to illuminate small areas.
  3. Diversity. You can purchase a lamp with any color of light. So you can create interesting combinations and play of light.
  4. Low heat emission. This fact makes it possible to use LED lamps in the lamps of the closed type. Lamps practically do not heat up in the process of work, which means that the risk of fire is minimal.

The high cost of such lamps is offset by their advantages. Simple calculations will show that high-quality durable lamps still save your money. In the kitchen, you can use 12-volt lamps.


The range of LED lamps is quite extensive. On the shelves of shops you will see different instances: with and without a switch; mains powered and battery powered; different shapes and sizes. LED lights can give cold and warm light. The latter is more often used for general lighting.

Linear lamps have a swivel base, it allows you to change the angle of illumination. Such lamps are used to illuminate the working area, table tops.Modular lamps are used for general lighting and installed on the ceiling. Touch lights can be installed in the work area. Better place them above the table.

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Surface mounted fixture can be mounted on any surface. This is convenient for lighting individual zones. Such lamps are popular among owners of small kitchens. Convenient cordless lights are often combined with a motion sensor. For such fixtures tape models are used.

Compact recessed luminaires can be mounted on various surfaces. This is a good way to save space in small kitchens. This type can be used for full lighting. Multiple ceiling lamps look very original. These lamps are installed in the furnishings. This way you can create interesting light accents.

How to choose

There are several key points when choosing LED lamps and lamps for them:

  • First, decide on the required power. For ease of understanding, you can compare LED bulbs with conventional ones. Instead of a 60W Illich lamp, use a 6W LED.
  • For the kitchen, choose a lamp with a voltage of 12 V. These lamps are safer when operating in a room with high humidity.
  • Choose products from reliable manufacturers.
  • Pay attention to the color temperature. With a warmer light, you can equip lights on the ceiling, and select cold light to illuminate specific areas.
  • The design of the lamp depends on the location and the overall style of the room.
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Where to place

LED lamps for the kitchen can be positioned perfectly anywhere, this is their advantage. It is impossible to do without general lighting. Choose a chandelier with a minimal amount of decorative elements, this is easier to clean. Instead of a chandelier, you can install a lot of spotlights on the ceiling. Use a ceiling bar with attached turning lights - this is the most convenient option.

The working area requires additional lighting. Use furniture fixtures. Such lighting can be mounted in kitchen cabinets above the worktop. Light fixtures with touch controls above the table top will be comfortable. Also above the work surface, you can install LED strip.A wide range makes it possible to illuminate the surface of any size.

The kitchen needs lighting. This applies to a variety of lockers and pedestals. The principle is similar to the lighting of the refrigerator. Lamps are located in the center or at the top of the furniture. If your kitchen furniture has glass elements, then such illumination will provide additional decor.

Overview of popular manufacturers

Manufacturers of LED lamps are divided into three large groups: domestic, popular Chinese, little-known Chinese. Nevertheless, there are certain brands that are particularly popular among consumers:

  • Era. Their distinguishing feature is that models can be assembled into a single system. For creative owners this is a true find.
  • Feron. Tspotlights of this manufacturer are in demand. Feron give the opportunity to purchase products in the most popular styles. They ensure that their lamps are able to work for 30,000 hours.
  • Camelion They are professionals in the creation of linear and track lights.

Most of the market is occupied by famous Chinese brands.

Interesting solutions in the interior

The use of LED lamps purely for decorative purposes is very popular. Such units can decorate furniture and walls. You can use any type of LED lights with a multi-colored glow. LED strips under the furniture create the effect of hanging in the air.

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