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One of the most important stages in the repair or change of the kitchen interior is the choice of the way of lighting the room. This, first of all, affects the entire interior design, allows you to properly place light accents, and also allows you to light up the working surface of the kitchen, so as not to cause inconvenience in the process of cooking.

Spotlights in the kitchen are increasingly being used as the main source of light, they can be either an independent source of light, or an additional one along with the main one - a chandelier. Ceiling lights, you can also illuminate only one particular part of the kitchen, thereby highlighting it.

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The most important positive quality of spotlights for the kitchen is the smooth dispersion of light, its even distribution throughout the room, while the usual chandelier creates shadow areas, thereby visually narrowing the space of the kitchen.And spotlights, on the contrary, make it visually wider.

Another important advantage is that when you install and place a spot light device, you will be able to make electrical wiring. This will allow you to turn on the light in the room separately, in different parts of it. So you can separately illuminate the working area of ​​your kitchen, preparing food or during the dinner to extinguish the light there, thereby visually hiding it, and illuminate the dining area of ​​the kitchen.

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In addition to ease of use, it will allow you to use electricity more economically. In addition, if you install LED spotlights when installing ceiling spotlights, you will provide yourself with additional savings.

The obvious advantage is that you can choose exactly where each of these lamps is located, thereby you can play with the light and, due to this, visually change the space of the kitchen. So, if you want to make the room visually taller and wider, you should position them using the placement method, such as turning points.This will give you the opportunity to direct the light to the most necessary part of the visit to the kitchen.

If you opt for such an interesting interior solution as the zoning of the kitchen room, then spotlights - just what you need! Thus, you can, using light, place light accents in the kitchen and perfectly distinguish zones.

In addition, thanks to the chiselled kitchen lamps with colored lights, you can make the design of the kitchen interior very unusual, as well as brighter and more advantageous. Another advantage of spot kitchen lights is their wide selection. Manufacturers make such lighting in the most diverse design, so you can easily choose the most suitable ceiling lights for your kitchen interior. Their wide choice ensures their versatility: they perfectly complement both the classic and the most modern design with the interior of your kitchen. The main thing - to think about what kind of ceiling spotlights more suitable specifically for your kitchen.

Along with the many advantages of this type of light fixture, it should be notedthat one important condition creates a certain difficulty: the placement of a point kitchen fixture needs to be thought out in advance, it is better to do it during the repair. It should also be noted that this type of lighting fixtures, compared to a regular chandelier, is more difficult to install, since their installation sometimes causes some difficulties.

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According to the type of installation, it is possible to distinguish such types of point kitchen fixtures as mortise, overhead and pendant. Recessed ceiling kitchen lights are considered the most popular because they are very versatile in terms of installation type, because they can be installed on any type of ceiling, even on a regular concrete ceiling. Recessed spotlight models feature a wide selection of models and colors. Designers offer interesting solutions for stylish models of various shapes and of various sizes. This kind of spotlights for the kitchen can be installed in different ways: they can be completely "drowned" in the ceiling surface, and you can make them protruding, and different lamps can appear in different ways, thus creating an interesting light game.

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Mortise kitchen lights can be installed on stretch and suspended ceilings, and on the rack. They are fixed with wines on specialized plates. As a rule, ceiling spotlights in the kitchen are used as the main source of light, but sometimes they can act as additional lighting, lighting of a certain part of the room. Some designers suggest using them as decorative lighting.

How to choose

When choosing these lighting devices, it should be taken into account that one such point lamp is designed to illuminate an area of ​​approximately two square meters, so it is important to properly plan their location and calculate from the kitchen area how many point lights are needed for good and complete lighting of your kitchen. Now ceiling spotlights are very safe. Such modern devices are tested for fire safety and, moreover, are completely moisture resistant. That is why they can be placed in rooms with high humidity, such as the kitchen, in addition, they can be wiped without problems with a damp cloth or a napkin.

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Experts advise when buying and choosing such lighting devices to purchase and install a special rheostat with them, which will help you to save: this necessary device consumes the energy consumed by lamps more economically. In addition, please note that if you install the lamps of a more ordinary and uncomplicated form, since such products are much easier to maintain, and it seems to wipe the accumulated dust, grease or plaque from them. Experts also recommend that owners of kitchens with stretch ceilings to install spotlights simple round shape, without sharpening, so as not to damage the design of the ceiling.

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How to place

If you have firmly decided that the spot ceiling lights in your kitchen will play the role of primary lighting, then they should be positioned at an interval of about thirty to forty centimeters with each other, while you need to retreat from each of the walls to a distance of twenty centimeters. If your choice fell on the combination of point ceiling lamps with a chandelier located in the center, then consider that this combination is designed for a smaller number of such devices, respectively, their power should also be lower. By correctly placing the spot kitchen lights, you can literally transform the space in your kitchen.

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If you have a very small kitchen area, then you can visually expand it, thanks to the correct placement of spotlights. In this case, you should place the spot ceiling lights around the perimeter of the room, and in order to make the kitchen visually longer, mark the lights along the two opposite walls of the kitchen. Such an arrangement of ceiling lamps allows you to properly distribute the flow of light and will save the room from unnecessary shadows, and the whole kitchen as a whole will be filled with a soft and even light thanks to this placement.

In case you are the owner of a spacious kitchen room with a large area, then you can arrange these lighting devices based on your personal wishes. The main thing is that all working areas are well and evenly lit, especially working and dining areas. Designers offer a very convenient and versatile option: the main lighting is achieved thanks to a chandelier placed in the center, and additional lighting in the form of a point kitchen lighting fixtures is placed along the edges of the kitchen along its walls.Moreover, it is better if there is a dining area under the central chandelier, in this case the spots will light up on the working surface.

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In addition, spotlights are an excellent solution for lighting apartments - studios, because they will help to properly zone such a room. Thanks to the advantageous placement of these lighting devices, you can perfectly highlight each functional area of ​​your kitchen. If your kitchen has two-level ceilings, then spot kitchen lights are just what you need. Thanks to these lighting fixtures, you can emphasize both levels of such a ceiling, and you can turn them on separately, both on one and the other.

Dot kitchen lamps are not only very economical, but at the same time are universal and practical. They can be very interesting to diversify the interior design of your kitchen. You can emphasize in this way the lighting of individual elements of the kitchen, as well as give it a whole exclusivity and originality. These devices can perfectly illuminate the working area, which will ensure safety when cooking.

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