Cabinets to ceiling in modern kitchen

Most kitchen spaces are complemented with non-functional cupboards that are not a couple of centimeters from the ceiling. This arrangement of furniture can be called a waste of free space, so many modern designers often choose more functional options, namely, lockers that go straight to the ceiling. This design solution has its advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cabinets to the ceiling look good in modern kitchens, made in the style of modern or high-tech. In the conditions of open space such furniture looks very good. In addition, these cabinets very well save kitchen space and allow you to make even a small kitchenette more spacious.

Another plus of such cabinets is that they completely hide the entire wall, so you can save money on wallpaper for the wall where the cabinets are located.The wall will be decorated with a monophonic row of closed cabinets that will perfectly fit into your chosen interior.

Cabinets with high top shelves - this is not an innovation. They came up with a long time and they enjoyed particular popularity in the Soviet Union. Then on the mezzanine formed all the unnecessary trash - old dishes, disliked sets, conservation, tablecloths and stocks of things. Thus, all this was hidden from prying eyes and did not litter the kitchen space.

Today, kitchen cabinets, reaching the ceiling - this is also a great option for storing all the necessary things. Built-in closet with shelves to the top - it is very convenient and practical. Instead of putting everything simply on the cabinet, you will conveniently hide the necessary things on the shelves and hide them from prying eyes behind the door.

Tall cabinets allow you to visually make walls higher. These shelves create the effect of expanded space. To do this, you should choose light furniture in neutral colors - beige, white or gray. The best option is a cabinet with a glossy surface that reflects light.Their only drawback is that such cabinets require regular maintenance, because every fingerprint is visible on a bright glossy surface.

Unlike conventional cabinets, which have dust accumulated at the top, tall cabinets save time for cleaning. After all, rarely anyone regularly dusts dust on high cabinets.

The last argument in favor of high cabinets, reaching to the ceiling - such furniture is now in trend. By installing a similar set that fits the style of your room design, you will make your kitchen modern and functional.

Considering the pros and cons, it is impossible not to mention the shortcomings of such furniture. Up to high shelves, as a rule, it is very difficult to reach. Especially if the hostess is low. But there is a way out of this situation - you can buy special low ladders for the kitchen, which look attractive, and allow you to get all the necessary things from the shelves when you need it.

Another disadvantage is that a door that is accidentally opened can hit you on the back of the head or the top of the head. This problem can be solved by installing modern sliding or rising doors.

Tips for choosing

It is worth choosing high lockers, being guided, first of all, by room style. If it is made in the style of loft or modern, then you need to restrict minimal metal cabinets. Executed in one color scale, they will not break style of the room.

In the Provence or Classic style kitchen, refined tall cabinets made of natural wood or stylized for it will be appropriate. The color of these cabinets is chosen under the overall color palette of the room.

Tall cabinets can be open, closed or combined. The best option - combined. Here the closed upper floors are well combined with open shelves in the middle. This combination looks quite organic. At the same time, all unnecessary things are hidden behind the door, and on the open shelves are decorative elements: beautiful dishes, candles, fresh flowers, etc.

Examples of placement in the kitchen

The design of modern kitchens allows you to experiment with the location of furniture. The traditional option, namely the location of the lockers above the cooking zone, is far from the only and even not the most popular.

Of course, as before, lockers are most often installed at the wall.But sometimes they can be in the middle of the room. This arrangement allows you to divide the kitchen space into two main areas - a place for cooking and eating. Due to the fact that the lockers reach the ceiling itself, an almost complete wall imitation is created.

If we proceed from considerations of practicality, it is better to place the lockers away from the cooking zone. This is especially characteristic of furniture made of natural wood or light cabinets. They get dirty the fastest. Therefore, in order not to spend a lot of time on cleaning, it is better to place them away from the working space. So the furniture will look neat, and all the necessary things will always be at hand.

In addition to the above options, such cabinets may well be part of a kitchen unit. In this case, built-in cabinets and made in the same style with the rest of the furniture. So you don’t have to think whether the new table fits the style of the lockers - everything looks so organic and appropriate.

High kitchen cabinets have both their advantages and disadvantages. Now that you have read them, you can decide for yourself whether to install them in your kitchen and, if so, which ones to choose, and where to place them.

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