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Many people call the kitchen the real “heart” of any home. In order for this room to be as cozy and inspiring as possible to prepare delicious dinners and lunches, it must be properly equipped. A quality cabinet will help you to make the room more comfortable.

Features and benefits

Comfortable cabinets began to be used in the kitchen relatively recently. Before that, they were installed in the homes of wealthy people. Most often, they were located in offices and libraries. But over time, women also appreciated the practicality of this type of furniture and began to use it in the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets are good for its versatility and compactness. They take up significantly less space than a table with a shelf, but at the same time fit into themselves almost as many things.

There are many different variations of this type of furniture. They can be supplemented with built-in appliances, convenient drawers and other details.Modern kitchen is almost impossible to imagine without good kitchen cabinets. In one kitchen, there can be three or more pedestals.

In addition to traditional outdoor structures, there are also mounted. This is very convenient because they can be placed above the table or sofa, which saves space. In hanging curbstones usually place a variety of decorative items, sets or just the dishes, which are used daily. In them, by the way, it is very convenient to dry dishes.

The kitchen cabinet is practical and multifunctional. It can be used as part of the work area, a place for lunch or a zone where the equipment is installed. The sink, washing or the dishwasher can be built in a kitchen curbstone.

And in the sliding or folding boxes can be stored various kitchen utensils - a variety of cutlery, dishes or ingredients.


Kitchen stand can be presented in several varieties.


The most common option is a simple floor stand. It stands steadily on the surface. Most often, such pedestals are used for household appliances. For example, under the washing machine or under the oven.If you use such a bedside table under the stove, then you will not have to squeeze a place to cook in a narrow passage. So, while cooking, you will feel much more comfortable.

Standard kitchen cabinets are also used as a cutting surface. On the countertop, you can lay out all your dishes and ingredients necessary for the cooking process.

Cabinets cabinets

This version of kitchen furniture is also very good. In the space that is behind the door, you can hide all the things you need. In the space located under the sink, usually the trash can is hidden. Bottom pedestals with legs are also a great place to store vegetables and various preparations for the winter.

Also, these cabinets are often used to store dishes. For this purpose, usually used classic two-door dresser shelving. They are conveniently placed pots, pans and other household utensils. And in the thumbs without a facade you can arrange the plates and cups. For the same purpose, a hinged bollard-compartment can be used, in which the doors can be easily moved apart in different directions. A hanging nightstand for drying is firmly fixed on the wall and does not fall even if you put a lot of things in it.

In a small kitchen, a pedestal on wheels will also be appropriate.Its main advantage is that it can be freely moved around the perimeter of the room. Therefore, if you need to expand the sofa, or accommodate guests, the nightstand bench on wheels will easily move aside.


To create kitchen furniture using different materials.


Wooden construction is a real classic. Although they are expensive, their appearance and high quality fully justify the high price. The most popular options are pine or oak furniture.

An alternative option is furniture made of chipboard. It costs several times cheaper, but it also affects the quality. Chipboard models are easily destroyed by moisture. Yes, and mechanical damage can quickly bring a kitchen set into disrepair.

A rock

More durable and durable products are obtained from stone. For the manufacture of such pedestals can be used as a natural stone, and its artificial substitute. Surprisingly, it is the furniture of artificial stone that is of higher quality. It has the best physical characteristics. Yes, and looks much better.The only drawback is that only stone pedestals are made of stone, since this is a very heavy material.


Another interesting option - stylish glass cabinets. For their manufacture uses a special tempered glass, which has a high strength. These cabinets look very stylish and fit perfectly into the rooms, made in modern style.


For modern rooms, you can also pick up furniture made of metal. Recently, the interest of buyers to such furniture has grown greatly. Here it is at the same time both in high quality and in excellent appearance, which is combined with interior details in the style of loft and hi-tech.


The lightest are the cabinets, made of lightweight plastic. This material can be stylized as any other: wood, stone or metal. It can also be decorated with all sorts of patterns or interesting prints.

Color solutions

In modern kitchen, almost any color can be used. The most versatile are the classic colors. Pastel or black body is a great solution for any room.Among the presented range of furniture, you can pick up something that fits your chosen interior room.

How to choose

Furniture for the kitchen you need to select, focusing on several parameters: dimensions, your budget and purpose.

First of all, measure the parameters of your kitchen. The cabinets you have chosen should fit well into the free space and not interfere with your quiet movement. Curbstones are conventionally divided into swing, folding and sliding.

The most common option - this bedside tables. In a small room, they will not be very practical - when the doors open, they take up too much space. It is much more convenient in this regard cabinets with sliding doors. Another practical design is a bedside table, complemented by a hinged door. Most often they are mounted.

Another important point is the purpose of your furniture. There are several types of kitchen curbstones that are used for different purposes. Some are intended for storing food or kitchen utensils, others are used as a table or as a work surface.

Well, the last parameter is the cost. Now you can find kitchen furniture for any requests.Choose for yourself a suitable headset, trying not to save on quality.

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How to do it yourself

If you do not have enough money for a headset, then you can try to create it yourself. The first thing you need to decide on the material. The most common option - MFD or DSP. You will need to make a drawing of furniture on paper and determine the size of the future kitchen furniture.

Standard depth is 25 cm, height is 70 cm, and width is 30 cm. Such compact pedestals do not take up much space, but at the same time fit all the necessary kitchen utensils. The individual parts cut from the boards need to be put together. Secure them with glue, nails or screws and make sure that the assembly is strong enough and will withstand the required load level.

When the manufacture of the cabinet has come to an end, it must be painted. To do this, you can use any surface coating: even paint, even varnish. The advantage of clear lacquer is that the bedside doesn’t need to be updated as quickly. The paint nevertheless peels off faster, and even that is more noticeable on a uniform surface.

Top manufacturers

But if you prefer to buy ready-made parts of the headset, then it is best to contact trusted manufacturers. Italy and Germany are famous for their quality furniture. However, in domestic manufacturers, you can find reliable and durable parts of the kitchen set.

So, for example, Ambra has been pleasing buyers for many years with high-quality goods, made mainly in the classical style.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Finally, it is worth noting that kitchen cabinets are a universal addition to any room. You can arrange a stylish suite in a classic-style room or in a modern kitchen in a modern style. Choose furniture that not only pleases you with your appearance, but also harmonizes with all other interior details.

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