White kitchen table

It is wrong to believe that white dining room furniture is impractical and not original; on the contrary, white countertops are gaining popularity in modern interior solutions.

The white table is universal to complement absolutely any design, white worktops are cut from any material from a pliable wood to a laconic glass with a glossy surface, its shape and legs determine the design of the table and its relevance in one or another interior.

Special features

The white table in the interior of the kitchen looks organically in any case, regardless of the size, design of the room and the style of furniture; in any case, the white table will look appropriate, the main thing is to beat it correctly. White countertops have advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in the article section.

  • White color is universal; it is like a canvas to create an interior masterpiece. A white tabletop will be appropriate in absolutely any format of the kitchen room - from classic (this also includes the “English” style, “Provence”, “Country”) to the ultra-modern (high-tech, minimalism), it is important to choose the material of the furniture and shape.
  • A round or oval small countertop on one leg will be succinctly combined with a Provence style kitchen. and other "rustic" variations of interior design, and a rectangular glossy design is ideal for modern.
  • The white color of the dining room furniture blends well even with the dark facades of the kitchen; It is not necessary to tie the countertop to the shade of the kitchen, let the furniture be similar in shape and style direction.
  • On the light color of the tabletop, dust or other dirt is not so noticeable.which is highly visible on dark furniture.
  • As noted the table should not repeat the color of the kitchen facade; create a separate seating and eating area in bright colors, and the white table will be its main focus.
  • Caring for a white worktop is easy and different according to its material.: the most unpretentious in the care, tile, wood and MDF, more attention requires a glossy surface (plastic, glass).
  • White worktop can be made of any material. - wood, plastic, glass, tiles, MDF or chipboard, metal, combined elements.


  • Folding table model It will be a practical and functional choice, and especially if the family receives guests every now and then. It is advisable to acquire a model for 2-4 persons - its standard value is calculated by the parameter 60 cm width per person, that is, the minimum size is 120x80 cm (two people on each side).

The folding table, depending on the shape, has various decomposition mechanisms and an additional increased area. Rectangular models usually increase by 30-60 cm, tables-books have a magnification area of ​​two times, like most square analogues.

  • Solid worktop tables familiar and more suitable for spacious kitchens; You should not neglect such models, if the model of furniture attracted strongly.
  • Transforming tables - new and actual models, which in their original form resemble low pedestals, and in unfolded form - a full-fledged table 75 cm high and 100 cm long. The design of transforming tables allows not only to increase the width of the table, sometimes its height thanks to a set of plates and mechanisms their lifting and lowering.


It was noted that light countertops are made of any material, which allows you to choose furniture for a particular interior for the best combination.

  • Tree - one of the most common materials for the production of white countertops. Natural wood decorates the interior, and a natural oak shade of oak or beech will be the main focus of the kitchen area. Despite the fact that wood is resistant to temperature changes and has high strength, it does not tolerate caustic stains like wine, fruit and vegetable compounds (tomato paste, juices), therefore, spilling coffee or wine on an oak or light ash tabletop should be immediately removed spot, otherwise it will be stuffed into the material.
  • MDF - a derivative of a tree with high quality characteristics, durability and greater accessibility in comparison with an array. White chipboard top looks good in gloss.
  • Chipboard - even more budgetary choice between the tabletops, which are based on the tree. The shades of chipboard worktops are different, and even the white color can be different.
  • Strained glass as part of the white countertop serves practical material; gloss on the surface is present in almost every such model.

Types of bearings

Varieties of table legs are different from each other and allow you to create a model of furniture of an unusual format suitable for a particular interior.

  • 4 legs - a classic of the genre, which is equally suitable for discreet kitchen premises with simple laconic furniture and for sophisticated modern ones where minimalism and outlined forms prevail. Round, oval, square and rectangular - each of them can have 4 stable legs, and what they will be - straight, rounded, carved, is up to the buyer.
  • 2 legs suitable for the formation of a dining area in a small kitchen; such a table top is attached to the wall by one side, the second rests on these very legs. As a rule, a similar design of the dining table is installed in a “rustic interior or standard modern.
  • 1 leg - The prerogative of a small round or oval table top. The massive support of the table allows you to free up the lower space and settle down for guests with greater comfort. A round white table on one leg will be the ideal solution for any kitchen - from classic to ultra-modern format, you just have to determine the texture and material of the product.


  • Round and oval - these forms are good for a spacious kitchen, because they take up more space on it.If you want to set a white round table in a small room, choose the small size of the white countertops from wood or MDF and the folding nature of the furniture so that, if necessary, you can have the opportunity to increase the dining area.

The oval table in white standard format 120x80 cm is suitable for a kitchen with a square of 9 meters to create a cozy and functional cooking and rest area.

  • Rectangular shape appropriate for a small and spacious kitchen; To save space, a rectangular table is placed against the wall, and, under the conditions of a spacious room, it is placed one meter or more away from the wall.
  • Square table top Traditionally has a small shape 50x50 cm, 70x70 cm, 90x90 cm, for example, since large quantities make furniture too cumbersome. A square folding white table will be a practical choice for a small kitchen, and it will be appropriate to install it by the window if it is located in the kitchen.

How to care

Buyers are often afraid to buy a white table for the kitchen because the snow-white tabletop can turn yellow, in their opinion. Let's talk more about the care of white kitchen furniture.

Like any other table, a white piece of furniture requires a wet cleaning: wiping it with a damp sponge after eating.

There are special compositions for the care of the surface of white furniture - wood, glass, tile, and even the one that has a patina or pattern.

Gloss capricious care, and therefore requires careful cleaning and does not tolerate water, which leaves behind unsightly specks.

As an alternative to the crystal white tabletop, choose the color ivory, beige, powdery, pinkish hue.

Unusual solutions

Designers now and then bring to life interiors for a kitchen with a snow-white or light massive table, which serves as the main accent. An interesting solution would be to choose a wooden model of a snow-white shade under a dark floor; while the rest of the apartment furniture has a light shade - usually white.

A practical solution is the choice of a white rectangular table for 4 people. It will be appropriate for a simple and small kitchen, combined with various unequal-shaped chairs, as in the photo below.

The glossy white rectangular table creates the impression of a wide space and visually enlarges even the spacious dining room. The white table top looks concisely in combination with a light wood of a cold shade and black complementary color of the interior finish.

The kitchen table with a patina will be suitable for completing the classic or “English” kitchen interior and will be a chic addition to the room image. Patinated models are combined with a patina on the facades of the kitchen unit, which allows you to create a whole set of furniture, by the way, often similar sets of furniture are sold together.

The patina will become pertinent in the interior of the Provence, while it does not have to be golden, a pinkish hue and soft blue, gray, black and silver will fit in well.

Contrasting furniture will help to diversify the kitchen with a light-colored top - dark-colored wooden chairs, soft carpets, table decor and a “natural” shade ceiling lamp.

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