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Retractable table - transformer - a solution to the problem of shortage of space in the kitchen. This design is often found in studio apartments, where kitchen space is combined with the living room and all the items are in sight. A table with a retractable mechanism saves space. With this solution, you can make room for something more important.

The sliding table carries out two functions:

  1. Tea and coffee table. This option can also be used in a large kitchen, when the main table is far from the working area and there is no time to serve it. In this case, a mini mini-table will help you out, on which 1-2 people can have a quick snack.
  2. Additional table top. It is very convenient to cut bread on it, put a book with recipes, install a food processor. This is a very convenient option, especially if there are two people in the kitchen at the same time and there is a shortage of working space.


  1. the need to clean it in the absence of the need for it.
  2. stationarity - it can not be moved to another place.
  3. miniature: it does not replace the main table for a family or a large number of guests.
  4. high-quality hardware is expensive. Often, the presence of hidden additional systems significantly increases the final cost of a furniture set.
  5. the need for additional installation. Often, it is no longer possible to integrate any additional elements into the existing furniture and to take care of their necessity should be made in advance when ordering a kitchen project.
  6. Care. To prevent the system from failing, it is necessary to tighten the bolts and nuts in time. And this requires additional skills and possession of certain types of tools.

Advantages of a sliding table:

  1. the lack of clutter of furniture visually increases the kitchen.
  2. availability of additional working area;
  3. instant appearance of the serving table;
  4. sustainability. If the floor in the kitchen is uneven, the main table may be unstable and swing by touch. The sliding table is rigidly fixed on one side.
  5. no mess in the kitchen.

The countertop leaves the drawer bottom cabinets just below the level of the kitchen countertop.However, there are such models that can be flush with the main working surface.

Manufacturing features

A mobile table can be made of various materials: artificial stone, MDF, chipboard, wooden solid, plastic and even glass. There are models in the manufacture of which several types of finishing material are used - these are the so-called mixed constructions.

In order for such a table to be really reliable and please you for a long time, it is better not to save on fittings and choose a mechanism from a trusted manufacturing company. For example, you can equip a mobile surface with a special closer with a smooth silent stroke, which will remove the table with a light touch. If desired, the sliding structure can be provided with folding legs that will be retracted with the table in a specially equipped niche.

Accommodation options

  1. Horizontal. This is the most common type of retractable tabletop model. As a rule, they are mounted inside the bottom cabinet as a regular shelf. It can be a drawer with the same built-in pull-out surface.An example of such a composition could be a matryoshka box, when one module rolls out from under another.
  2. Vertical. This is a less common option. The thing is that in ordinary standard headsets there is not enough space for them and additional space is required for their design. An example of such a model is a table known to many from childhood - a book. The advantage of such systems is that they can fit in places where nothing else can stand. Inside there can be a narrow basket with storage space for kitchen accessories, and on each side there are attached folding worktops, which can be folded and unfolded if necessary.
  3. Corner. These are models of the "carousel" type and are moved out of the corner cabinet along with the box. Place for their installation can be the junction of two kitchen walls. It saves kitchen space by filling a difficult corner.
  4. Original. As a rule, these are self-sufficient models and do not carry any semantic load, except as an additional tabletop.

Types of sliding table tops:

  • Countertop with retractable stools that, when folded, are hidden inside the facades of the kitchen unit.For unfolding it is enough to pull the handle and pull out the tabletop with soft seats. This design resembles folding seats in train cars. By this principle, you can make a children's table. This is a very original and practical solution. A small child needs a lot of space to move around and often a lot of objects on the floor can be dangerous. The fixed table can be overturned, and the retractable version is safer.
  • Tabletop legs. One of its edges is attached by means of a swivel mechanism directly under the main working area, and the legs with wheels are attached to the second one.
  • Folding table. The peculiarity of this design is that it has more complex fittings and is somewhat larger in size than the previous version. When closing, the main part of the sliding table top is lowered along the wall of the cabinet.
  • The continuation of the bar. This design is mainly made to order. It requires additional free space on the side of the lower cabinet, and the additional module extends from the front side.

The possibilities of using such a construction as a sliding table are very wide and depend, first of all, on its intended size and quality of the fittings used.The smaller the width of the additional surface, the less load it will withstand. For example, with a width of up to half a meter, the structure will withstand no more than 20 kg. For greater strength, an additional emphasis is needed. It is necessary to equip models with more advanced guides and stable supports. Then the products can withstand a load of 30 kg or more.

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  1. Roller guides. One element fastens on a furniture wall, and the second - directly on a sliding element. This version of the mechanism is the simplest, but not the most reliable. Rollers made of cheap plastic can make sounds when moving, which is not very pleasant. In addition, they are able to withstand a load of not more than 25 kg. However, if you are not going to put something heavier than a tea pair on such a table, then this option is quite acceptable.
  2. Ball guides. This is a more perfect version of accessories with a telescopic type of opening due to its integrity. When expanding, the construction is extended, and when closed, it is shortened. It is less noisy and can handle more weight than rollers.
  3. Metabox The side elements in such models are made of metal, and the design itself has a three-dimensional adjustment mechanism. Withstands up to 30 kg load and has a silent smooth ride.It is possible to adjust the length of the surface extension. Such accessories are not much higher than the ball.
  4. Cargo Moving elements are located directly on the sliding panel. They are very reliable and easy to install, because make up a whole with the surface. However, the cost of such a design significantly exceeds all previous ones.
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