Upholstered furniture for the kitchen

In rare cases, you can see a large kitchen. As a rule, this is a modest room, where, meanwhile, households spend a significant amount of personal time. Therefore, it is not surprising that each housewife wants to equip her kitchen in such a way that it is not only convenient and pleasant to prepare various goodies, but also to rest comfortably during their tasting within its walls.

It is much more convenient to sit on a couch than to experience discomfort on a hard chair.

Do you need?

Disputes over whether upholstered furniture is needed in the kitchen have been going on for decades, and no one can answer this question exactly. But one thing is clear: if we are talking about a small room, then, of course, bulk furniture will be superfluous. In this case, it is better to do with small chairs made of wood or plastic.

If the kitchen has an impressive size, the upholstered furniture will not spoil its interior at all, but only complement it. A large sofa and a massive wooden table will become a place where the whole family will gather every day, discussing the passing day at dinner.

The stereotype, indicating that the place of upholstered furniture only in the hall or other lounges gradually fades into the background. A great place for a comfortable stay can be a kitchen, even if it is small. In addition, the modern realities of life presupposes the presence of a TV in this room, so a full-fledged sofa or a soft corner in the kitchen will be very helpful.

The advantages of upholstered furniture:

  • allows you to effectively use the angular space;
  • on a soft corner many people will be located, more, than on usual chairs;
  • the presence of boxes under the seats - you can store kitchen utensils, small household appliances;
  • sitting on upholstered furniture is much more comfortable than on solid stools without a back;
  • using furniture of the right size and design, you can create a recreation area.
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In furniture stores and salons, a large range of upholstered furniture is presented, and everyone will be able to choose the furniture that best suits the overall style of housing. The only nuance that can darken the stay of upholstered furniture in the kitchen is possible pollution and the ability to absorb odors.


In his own kitchen, a person can do anything and put the furniture that, in his opinion, will decorate the interior and make his life more comfortable.

Today, the most common are soft armchairs or corner soft headsets, rarely in the kitchens you can meet the sofas, although this moment most likely depends on the size of the room.

Soft corners

Corner furniture is not only comfortable, it significantly saves square meters. There is a huge selection of such products in the stores, you can also make them yourself or order them. Exclusive furniture will be the highlight of any room.


In the kitchens of apartments, soft sofas are rarely placed; most households cannot afford such luxury due to the small area. But this does not apply to combined kitchen studios. Owners of this type of property can use soft sofas, which will be a great place to relax.

Soft benches

If there is no extra space in the kitchen at all, you can use compact soft benches. The back will be a wall or self-made support. Choosing soft benches, you need to take into account the width and length of the seats, so that this piece of furniture "fit" even in the smallest kitchenette.


As a rule, chairs in the kitchen are set so that the hostess can take a break at least a minute while cooking. And what could be more comfortable armchairs? At the same time, this item can also become a comfortable corner for relaxation, and a bright interior detail.

Stools and chairs with soft seats

Most save space. The stools are compact and easy to hide under the table. Lack of one - on the stools will not be able to relax and rest, suitable for a quick meal, snack.

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No matter what was bought - a separate sofa, armchair or a whole kitchen corner - first of all, the furniture must meet certain requirements. For the hall, a white sofa with velvet trim will be a real highlight, a stylish decoration of the room, but this option will not work for the kitchen room.

Upholstered furniture for this room should be as practical as possible - this is an important condition for its long service. These requirements are achieved due to the following factors:

  • Frame It must be made of high quality and durable materials with reliable mounting components. As a basis, modern manufacturers such as MaBlos most often use wood,less durable chipboard or plastic. Fasteners can be made of a variety of materials: metal, plastic. Often use special glue and liquid nails. High-quality frame allows furniture owners to use it without risk and fear of possible damage.
  • Upholstery. Leather upholstery, natural leather or durable fabric often serves as the upholstery material. Which ones to choose for the kitchen? To solve the problem will help financial opportunities. The best option, of course, is considered to be genuine leather, dense and impregnated with special means: painted with high-quality paint and not overdried. The disadvantage is the price. Not every family can afford such fun.

Another thing leatherette - inexpensive material with different color options. But in order for it to serve for a long time and not become useless due to an accident of several months, it is necessary to take care of additional protection even before its operation: put pillows, put covers on, cover with a beautiful bedspread, etc.

Upholstery fabric should be dense, for example, jacquard, chinil or tapestry. Velor and velvet materials are also used.but regardless of the special treatment, they quickly lose their appearance and are practically not cleaned.

  • Filler. Foam, polyurethane foam - the most common options for filler. The first is not so expensive, and therefore its quality must be checked before purchase. It is important to make sure that the foam will quickly restore the shape, if you press it. To do this, in the selection process, you can sit down on a piece of furniture, press with your hands, etc. Qualitative foam rubber will quickly recover a form.

The second option is better and more environmentally friendly. If there are children in the house, it is better not to save money and buy furniture for the kitchen with polyurethane foam.

You also need to pay attention to the quality of the product: whether the seams are even, there are no gaps at the joints, puffs on the surface, is everything in order with the color, etc. We should not forget about the style, dimensions of the selected furniture, as some models are suitable only for certain sizes of rooms and only to a certain style.

Care rules

Kitchen - a place where furniture is exposed to the most frequent pollution. The surfaces are constantly dirty, so the soft zone in the kitchen should be as far as possible from the working surfaces.It is better to choose materials of dark color or to buy leather coverings. It should always be remembered that the surfaces of furniture in the kitchen will have to be cleaned more often than the interior in other rooms. Even if every member of the family will look after themselves every second and the hood will be constantly turned on, greasy steam, the drops will still settle on the furniture and it is very difficult to clean them than just dust.

For cleaning upholstered furniture, special tools are needed; in addition, you must wipe the upholstery daily with a wet brush.

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