Sofa in the kitchen

 Sofa in the kitchen

Putting a sofa in the kitchen is a modern and fashionable interior solution. With him, the room becomes cozier and warmer. Needless to say that comfortable upholstered furniture can easily replace chairs or increase the number of seats at the table? The choice of kitchen sofa depends on the dimensions of the room, layout, as well as the overall design of the room. Do you dream of a soft cozy place in the kitchen? Pay attention to modern models of materials that are easy to clean.


Today there is a huge species variety of kitchen sofas. Folding design - multifunctional. Used as a bed for guests, so popular among buyers. Takes up little space and is considered an excellent alternative to folding beds. Folding model can be straight or built into the corner.

For small kitchens ideal small narrow model.It saves space, has recessed drawers that are being pushed. It is convenient to store various trifles in them. Designs of the direct type are represented by a large variety of dining groups. Direct model fits perfectly along the wall, it can be used to separate the working and dining areas. Choose a straight sofa depending on the size of the room.

Designers advise buying a practical leather construction for the kitchen. It is great for the interior in the style of hi-tech, modern and minimalism. Natural skin is easy to clean and wash, it does not absorb fat, dust and dirt. If the hostess in the kitchen wants to add textiles, pay attention to the model with jacquard, flock or guipure upholstery. Sofa in the style of "Provence" - a combination of solid high-quality textiles or with floral ornaments and wooden elements.

Bay window - a design that is made to order to fill the empty niche under the window. It can be rectangular, semicircular or irregularly shaped. By means of a bay window sofa the free space is filled to the maximum. Upholstery such a model, choose a light, delicate shade.If the kitchen is combined with a balcony, the best arrangement of upholstered furniture with a table is near the window. This arrangement will create a comfortable area for eating.

The zone can be moved to a corner of the room or to the center. Modern designs do not have side corners and armrests, which makes the space visually wider. As a decor it is possible to use pillows, padded stools, plaids, capes. Corner sofa - a modern solution. With its help it is easy to create a cozy atmosphere, while saving space.

Corner design clearly limits the dining area. In addition, it increases the number of seats. If she has internal drawers and folding seats, they will fit various things. Soft kitchen corners can have an interesting decor, be made in different colors and shades. Overall models are equipped at the head with shelves, which are used to accommodate various accessories.

A kitchen sofa is an excellent substitute for regular chairs, if you want to save space, and the family is big. The most popular models today are benches, benches, couches, books, stools, sofas, metro, pull-out, extendable and double models.The room in which there is such a soft design, automatically becomes comfortable and attractive. For the eating area suitable transforming and the usual model. The features of the mechanism depend on the overall interior, the size of the room and the layout.

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Transforming design is practical and multifunctional, as it can be used as a bed. The best mechanism for the kitchen is the “dolphin”. In this model, the bed is under the seat and pulled out with a slight movement. Sofa with a place to store things, cookbooks and other small things - a practical design. Folding, folding mechanism, model without armrests or legs - a beautiful and compact version.

To choose a good sofa for the kitchen is not an easy task, especially if the room is non-standard or small. In a small room it would be appropriate to look shop, built-in 2-seater sofa. Short models are in great demand. Elite soft designs are suitable for overall kitchen facilities. They can be large in size as well as various fanciful shapes.

Shape, color and size

Modern and interesting models of kitchen sofas are a huge variety. Designers recommend to pay attention to the modular design, which is assembled from several parts and acquire the necessary shape when moving components. A soft semicircular sofa, sliding, round, p-shaped, radial, transformer, "eurobook", "accordion" - one of the most compact and functional forms. Models with a high back look appropriate in a classic interior.

Designers advise to purchase models whose case is made of natural materials. Ecoskin, models from a tree perfectly fit into the modern apartment and support the general ecological style. Wooden, velor sofa, upholstery of eco-leather, leatherette - a modern and stylish solution for the kitchen. What to choose: leatherette, natural leather or fabric? The material is selected in accordance with the style of the interior. Natural or artificial leather is the best option if there are pets in the house who like to lie on upholstered furniture.

Today, at the height of fashion designs with a wide seat. Width up to 120 cm is the optimal and comfortable option.On such a sofa it is cozy to sit and relax. Shallow models, the depth of which is up to 70 cm - a good option for a small kitchen with limited space. Forged products made using cold forging technology are in great demand. Metal structures will look good in a modern interior with a relief wall, heavy and cold materials.

Fashion designers recommend choosing models of cheerful colors, depending on the interior and personal preferences. Red, orange, green, blue, gray, lilac, purple, brown are the most fashionable colors of upholstered furniture for the kitchen in 2017. White is also considered fashionable, but it is not practical. The modern design is the angular design of a dark color: black, dark gray, chocolate, beige-brown.

In an ecological interior, the walls of which are painted green, it is appropriate to look upholstered furniture dairy, light yellow. Black soft design is a stylish choice for a modern room. There are no spots visible on such a sofa, it contrasts well with light-colored walls, a white or brown table,bright accents, such as pillows. Black upholstery perfectly with red, white, bright blue. An interesting option - models in which two different colors are combined: white and black, red and white, blue and white, gray and violet, orange and green.

Remember that an unusual combination of different materials, textures and styles always looks advantageous. For large designs, ideal colors are dark, or a combination of bright and soothing shades. Small sofas can be made in a neutral, monochromatic colors. Do not pass by interesting plant, flower prints, geometric contrasting patterns.

How to make yourself

Homemade sofas for the kitchen - an economical option for an apartment, house or cottage. How to choose the right material to create a design with your own hands? Keep in mind that the kitchen model must be durable and withstand heavy loads. In order to make such a mechanism, it is not necessary to possess professional skills, it is enough to follow a certain plan.

If you want to make an ideal model of a kitchen sofa, consider the following nuances:

  • The shape of the furniture.The best option in this case is a model with boxes for storing various items needed by the hostess.
  • If you plan to build a corner structure, decide on the direction (left or right).
  • Purchase the necessary materials, accessories, fabric, soft pillows.
  • Prepare tools: jigsaw, hacksaw, screwdriver, knife, scissors, tape, ruler, pencil, triangle, meter, level, hammer, sandpaper).
  • Seats better covered with synthetic material. It is more practical, does not lose its shape and lasts a long time.

A sofa will be convenient if it has an exact configuration. The mechanism can be stationary or folding. If you want to make a stationary design in the form of a corner, carefully study the direction of the angle, make drawings and prepare materials. For upholstery you can use velor, artificial leather, jacquard, microfiber, flock.

At the very beginning of work, determine the dimensions and design. Dimensions should have standard values ​​and be without errors. For clarity, draw a diagram that identifies the problem areas in the room (sockets, protruding elements, baseboard, baguette, furniture).Determining the size of the sofa, consider the growth of family members, the number of people who gather at the table, weigh the design options. The simplest design for construction has a base - the side parts, which are connected by a back or a seat.

In the diagram, mark the drilling points and for fasteners. The design of any size consists of three parts: short, long and angular. The standard height of the model is 85 cm, length is from 90 to 120 cm, the width of the side is 45 cm, and the seat height is 40 cm. The corner also has standard dimensions 45x45 cm. Remember that sofa parameters depend on the number of people living in the house and the size of the kitchen .

The first stage is the connection of three parts (sidewalls, backs and seats). Prepare in advance the bars of the required length, with a section of 40x40 mm. A functional and durable design will help make roomy drawers that should be placed under the seat. For this you will need boards. Lay on the bottom of the plywood, which should be inserted into the cut grooves. The remaining elements of the structure must be connected with self-tapping screws, and the holes must be closed with plugs.

The sides are connected using horizontal bars, then the back frame is made of plywood.At the final stage it is necessary to attach foam rubber. The seats consist of 2 parallel and 4 perpendicular boards, which are connected by special spikes, and the trim is made with a plywood sheet. The longitudinal beam, located behind, is connected by piano loops. The seat cover should extend 30 mm forward with bolted metal corners of the backrest.

Looks beautiful sofa made of pallets. Many reviews of the owners of homemade sofas confirm the simplicity, convenience and original look of such a model. A structure is sheathed when all its main parts are combined, and parts are tested for strength. Remember that each item needs to be manufactured separately. Foam should be attached with a stapler to a wooden base, level and stretch the fabric from above.

Make a pattern of fabric after accurate measurements, which is transferred to the selected matter. If the structure has open parts not upholstered in fabric, they should be painted with enamel or varnish. Originality sofa will add beautiful plugs for bolts, textiles, soft pillows and other decorative items.

Examples of original design in the interior

Kitchen sofa in the style of "Provence" - a great solution for the interior, which is dominated by French notes. The best colors for upholstered furniture in this case are lilac, pale pink, powdery, peach, white. Floral prints or absolute monotony are the main features of the Provence style. A modern sofa in this interior must be soft and supplemented with pillows.

The zoning of the room with the help of an angular design looks beautiful and original. Designers recommend installing furniture in the center of the room, rather than in the corner, thereby separating the area of ​​cooking and its adoption. Thus, the work area does not intersect with the rest area. For living room 13 square meters. and 12 square meters. meters a good idea for the interior can be a constant classic or project in a modern style. The layout of the room for classic furniture is standard. The working area and the dining area do not intersect, but can be visually separated from each other not by a soft sofa, but by a wall made of plasterboard or curtains.

An interesting solution - a soft design, combined with a bar. Unusual and stylish solutions in a modern interior - this is what gives space originality and originality.Many designers advise to place dinner groups near the window, and a place to sit on the windowsill, if it is wide. If you put a soft design by the window, you can admire a beautiful view while eating. This is true if a beautiful landscape is visible from a large window.

The area of ​​the room is 9 square meters. m., accommodates a comfortable sofa that can be put along the wall. Individual projects allow you to place in the room any functional items, including a cozy and comfortable design. Designers advise when choosing upholstered furniture for the kitchen to pay special attention to the material and color of the product. A small room will be decorated with light models that can be protected with a cover.

A bright upholstery print, a geometric pattern, a strip will suit for a monochromatic room. At the height of fashion today is purple. For furniture it is best to choose a synthetic filler. The combination of contrasting furniture and light walls looks beautiful in the room. Designers advise to pay attention to eco-style, Scandinavian, hi-tech, loft. These styles are softened by a soft kitchen sofa, which will look appropriate in the dining area.

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