Sofas in the kitchen with storage box

Today, sofas for the kitchen with a storage box are not only a stylish element of the interior, but also a practical solution, especially for those who have a small apartment, and the installation of massive cabinets inevitably leads to pile-up. To maximize the unload space, more and more owners choose small sofas with a large capacity.

There is enough variety of such furniture - every self-respecting store will offer a wide range, with differences in shape, design of the mechanism, upholstery, and some firms consider orders with individual wishes of the buyer.

It only remains to choose what will suit your needs and possibilities.


But, before moving on to get acquainted with the models, you need to understand for yourself the main advantages of such sofas, and there are a lot of them, even with a cursory study:

  • You can put on the kitchen of any size;
  • There are more guests on a sofa than on a set of chairs;
  • Made from modern materials that are durable and lightweight;
  • Kitchenware, dishes and many other things are stored in the drawer;
  • Soft sitting easily turns into an additional berth;
  • For a studio apartment, a sofa is an ideal means of zoning.
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Popular species


Living classic furniture, migrated to the kitchen. The main disadvantage is high space requirements - there should be a lot of space so that the armrests do not rest on the table, and the drawer lid itself, which plays the role of a seat, can be freely opened without touching anything.

They can be absolutely any styles and mechanisms, it can even be a folding sofa, turning into a bed in a matter of seconds. Bold design solutions offer to make it “stationary”, firmly fixing with the shelf system of the kitchen rack, or go further and pick up the household baskets for the dishes to match the cover.

The main task at the same time falls on the upholstery material - it must be invulnerable to fat, water, food debris and other constant companions of the dining area. And, given the size, everything will fall on him.


The undisputed leader in most Russian apartments of the Khrushchev type and “Stalin” with Frankfurt cuisine, where the issue of free space is the main problem. The direction of the angle can be any, but in almost all models the box is “hidden” under a triangular lid that separates the two halves.

Because of the budget segment, roominess and expensive upholstery materials are out of the question, but this form has easily taken root for other types of sofas. For example, the base may be a bench, assembled from several bars, but at the same time they converge in a corner, forming a recognizable look.

In addition to optimizing space, the advantage is in the possibility of selecting a table of any shape, including the most running rectangular tabletop. Also, a number of manufacturers complete the set with their own table and several stools or soft chairs, in tune with the upholstery.


Innovative technology that relies more on aesthetic embodiment than practicality. A prerequisite is a combination of metal, wood, leather or textile elements in any sequence. It is rather eclectic than hi-tech and other "youth" trends, but this is more and more often found in the most ordinary kitchens.

The boxes in such constructions have at times bizarre shapes - from an oval in a straight run, to polygons. The originality of the design is also given by their location - from above, below and even from the side, in order to get the contents, without disturbing the one who is currently sitting on it.

It is the “modules” that are often recommended for the sleeping option, not so much because of practical significance, but because of the maximum proximity to the traditional concept of a sofa. And for the studio, he can be the salvation of the entire interior.

Sofa bench

He is a sofa shop, and the most stylish option, perfectly combining a strong solid wood and dozens of upholstery options. Most often it has a direct construction, although there are also angular variants. He almost never has armrests, and with a reduced usable width, the overall dimensions make it possible to use it as an extra bed, so one cannot say that such a view is too narrow.

The storage area in this design is played up by one of the rising seats, which opens up a voluminous niche built into the one-piece casing. But this is far from the only option - the benches can also be found in the team model, it all depends on the original idea.

Under the bay window

If you are lucky enough to have a special niche in the kitchen, starting from the window sill, then the erker's sofas, resembling an expanded polygon, will be an ideal interior decoration. This may be a folding option, or a classic zone for 4-5 people, depending on the number of windows.

The number of drawers is not limited here, they can be hidden under the seat or constitute a traditional recessed sliding systems. The alternative is a gas-lift hinged door, if the overall height allows.

How important is upholstery?

It is necessary to answer this question, based on the specific situation - whether there are small children in the apartment, pets, where the sofa will stand, how far from the stove, and how actively it will be exploited. From this, one can single out the key parameters of the upholstery with which it should correspond, ideally, in full:

  • Durability and moisture resistance;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Resistance to detergents;
  • Lack of pungent odor;
  • Nice look and feel.

According to the material modern coatings are made of the following fabrics:

  • Leather and Leatherette;
  • Jacquard;
  • Shinil;
  • Acrylic;
  • Flock;
  • Tapestry;
  • Velours.

Leather is expensive and of high quality, any textile is relatively cheap, but it is not always durable. Manufacturers of modern fabrics, including eco-leather, are trying to improve all indicators annually, but no revolutionary technologies have yet been invented.

An alternative option to all of the above - removable covers, which can not only change as wear, but also wash in an automatic machine, instead of physically difficult cleaning.

A faithfully upholstered sofa will not have folds, protruding threads, pattern asymmetry and other flaws that are often hidden from the back. Plus, if you plan to use the box for linen, then you need to check it for sticking nails, screws and sharp edges.

Tips before you buy

Suppose you have decided on a choice, and have already prepared the money, but do not rush to go to the store, without specifying all the nuances. They concern not only the above-mentioned characteristics, but also a number of other “trifles” that can seriously complicate life, if you do not pay attention to them.

  1. The fastening material must be as durable as possible - more stainless steel, less aluminum.
  2. The softer the sofa, the faster the foam rubber will wear, stop at the medium hardness option.
  3. Furniture on wheels will suit hi-tech style, but not classic or vintage Provence.
  4. The so-called "orthopedic" back always has a multilayer filler, check it with the seller.
  5. The depth of the seat can not be less than 50 cm - the standard for an average person of average build.
  6. Carefully check the inner surface of the box for roughness, cracks, "burrs" and other traces of poor-quality assembly.
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