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Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of any home, apartment. In this room, they not only prepare food, but also conduct heart-to-heart talk, pleasant conversations with close friends and beloved relatives. Because the kitchen from the first day of its existence should be attractive to its owners, and most importantly - comfortable. Furniture plays an important role in this business, especially furniture facades. It is they who give the kitchen space the very comfort and aesthetic beauty that make homeowner guests come to them much more often.

Requirements for the fronts of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen furniture more often than any other furniture is exposed to the negative impact of many environmental factors, these include: moisture, steam, high temperature. Very often sprays of boiling water and hot oil are flying on the facades; various food liquids and food residues overturn. At the same time, the doors of the headset must withstand such moments, it is easy to clean from any dirt.It is important that the operation of any kitchen construction does not obstruct the work of the hostess in the kitchen. The doors must be free to open, and their fittings must be strong.

However, no matter how high-quality the kitchen facades are, with time their durability decreases, beauty is lost. In this case, everything can be corrected by painting or by pasting it with a special polyvinyl chloride film. As an option, molding decoration is suitable.

Types of door designs

In the majority there are furniture sets with hinged doors, however, there are still not less good options: folding, folding, sliding, chain. Sometimes in one piece of furniture two types are combined.

  • Swing doors - the most common and popular for installation in a kitchen set. Differ in convenience of operation, functionality, beauty. Meanwhile, some demanding customers call them a relic of the past. Opening, these doors "steal" the place and thus prevent the hostess from cooking.

Meanwhile, it is the cheapest and easiest to use and repair option for the design of facades.

  • Hinged doors are the best solution for arranging top row cabinets. They are convenient because they do not take up extra space when opening. These doors are equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that raise and hold the door in the open position. No effort is needed for a man to remain in a suspended state.

Lifting mechanisms come in the form of:

  • Gas shock absorbers.
  • Swivel lifts.
  • Lift elements.
  • Folding doors. The name speaks for itself. After opening these doors are easy to fold, and due to the fact that their handle is very low, the door also closes easily. Most often, these doors are installed on cabinets where a dryer for kitchen utensils is provided.
  • Mounted structures are not as popular as previous models. They are used only when there is a need to close a niche or open shelves of a furniture set. They open up just like blinds - up.
  • Sliding doors are especially appreciated by the owners of small kitchens.. There are times when there is a need for constantly open kitchen cabinets, while there is no extra space. In this case, the problem is solved by installing the doors on the rails.They open from the center to the sides of the cabinets.
  • Radial doors - a stylish trend of modern fashion. Now there are smooth transitions in the trend, curved lines, so radial facades are often installed in corner kitchens. They are concave or convex. Such constructions can be called original, and the kitchens decorated with such elements are very attractive. Doors are easy to use, but there is one drawback - the high cost.

Survey of popular materials. Advantages and disadvantages


The classic material for the production of doors is wood. Natural products always look advantageous, stylish, emphasize the excellent taste and status of the owner. They are easy to care for, they fit perfectly into a variety of interiors.

Wooden doors have only one drawback - the price. Products made from natural materials are always more expensive.

Meanwhile, wood can be painted or simply varnished. In any case, the doors of wood will decorate any kitchen.


The most sought-after and frequently purchased furniture is chipboard furniture.The doors of kitchen cabinets of this material have good performance and are inexpensive.


Another popular material of our time is MDF, comparable to chipboard, but it has several advantages. The strength of MDF is 2 times higher than the particle board, and the amount of harmful substances that evaporate during operation is much lower. The cost of MDF doors is an order of magnitude higher than the particle board, so both options have fans.


It is used most often for coating chipboard and MDF. These facades do an excellent job with moisture, resistant to temperature extremes, mechanical stress. Headsets performed by plastic look great in modern kitchens. They are easy to care for, they are practical, have a long service life.

There is only one drawback: fingerprints are clearly visible on the surface, which means that plastic doors must be constantly wiped off.

The price of plastic facades depends on which base material was chosen by the manufacturer.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC doors are light, aesthetically attractive, can be of various colors and textures, durable.They have water-repellent properties, do not burn, easy to clean.

The only disadvantage of such products is poor elasticity.

Replacement and adjustment of accessories

The material and accessories of the doors on the kitchen cabinets are constantly subjected to heavy loads, so it is not surprising that from time to time, something fails. But if the door began to open poorly or close, or does not close at all, this does not always mean that you need to replace the hinges. Sometimes it's enough just to fix them.

  • It is very easy to adjust the hinges; it is not difficult to do it with your own hands, without invoking a furniture specialist. It will take three adjustment screws. If you want the door to rise to the desired level, lower, return to the position set aside, or reduce the gap between the sash and the opening, you need to tighten or, on the contrary, release the screw until the expected result, that is, fasten it.
  • Replacing the hinges for the lockers is also easy. It is necessary to remove the old device and in the same places build a new one, while measuring out if new loops are suitable or not, since not all elements can be the same size. At the assembly ends.The hinges are fastened with screws. The hinge alignment is performed during the installation of the sash.
  • Repair closer is not possible. Its body is a one-piece construction, so it will not work to disassemble and repair it. If the device is broken, then it will have to change.
  • The opening limiter often delivers troubles because it refuses to perform its main task. To secure it, you will need a hammer and a screwdriver. If you leave everything as it is, and do not fix the limiter, over time, the entire furniture structure will begin to falter.

Facade care

Furniture in the kitchen is constantly exposed to a variety of negative influences. But just to wash the pollution is sometimes not enough. You need to know the features of the material from which the furniture is made and the properties of the cleaning substances.

  • The facades of chipboard, covered with PVC film or even laminated, very "afraid" of water. Therefore, these doors can only be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, after which you must immediately wipe the surface with a dry cloth. To remove stains from the marker, coffee, green, you can use ethyl alcohol. The facades of MDF are washed in the same way.
  • It is better to clean veneered facades with a special “polish”. Wooden doors are cleaned in the same way.
  • Gloss doors are the easiest to clean. Their smooth surface does not absorb dirt at all. But at the same time, it is necessary to wash such products much more often.

Folk remedies can also clean the surfaces of the cabinets well. For these purposes, a solution of alcohol with water in proportions of 1: 1. Gloss must be wiped to a shine with a dry cloth, otherwise there will be visible stains. Matte plastic is washed in the same way.

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