Hinges for kitchen cabinets

When ordering a kitchen set, we hope that it will serve us for many years, withstand numerous openings and closings. That is why it is so important to choose high-quality fittings, especially hinges for doors. Not so long ago, the Soviet industry produced furniture, on which were installed only hinges with a four-bar hinge.

The modern market of accessories is represented by a huge range of hinges for fastening doors. This is due to the fact that designers invent all new forms of facades and their connection to the headset.


Today, manufacturers offer more than ten different types of hinges for kitchen cabinets. This is from the simplest "frogs" to the hinges with closers of various complicated structures.

Different hinges for doors are mounted differently.

  • Consignment loop or loop frog. It is a four-link hinge mechanism. He firmly presses the door, allows you to open it at 90 or 165 degrees.This type of loop is the most common. It can be found on almost any headset for the kitchen, where there are swinging doors. Such hinges allow you to completely close the cabinet of the furniture to which they are attached.
  • Semi-folding It allows you to partially block the body of the headset. Its structure has a slight bend, due to which a gap is formed between the doors of the cabinet, mounted on one rack, which allows you to open both at the same time.
  • Inner. Outwardly, it is very similar to semi-laid. But its application is different. The inner loop is installed when it is necessary to place the doors of the headset inside the box.
  • Inverse. Allows you to open the cabinet door 180. At the same time, the door rises flush with the box.
  • Corner. By her name it is clear that she sets the door at an angle. This is necessary for corner boxes. Standard hinges of this category come with an installation angle of 175,135,90,45 and 30. But there are also non-standard corner hinges.
  • Entresol. Serves for a canopy of horizontally opening doors of boxes. The basis of this type of loop is spring.
  • Royal. Rarely used in modern furniture due to its unreliability.It is used mainly for tables, books, for fixing folding tops.
  • Card loop. In fact, this is the same piano loop, only shorter. It is often used in the furniture of retro-style, for this they make figure execution of these loops, or give them the shape of a butterfly.
  • Secret. It has two plates, with the help of which are mounted horizontal facades, falling down. Received its name for use in secretaries. Similar to the piano loop.
  • Gallery Mounted on cabinets adjacent to the wall.
  • Lombernaya. With the help of them are mounted folding facades. Such loops have the ability to fix the cabinet sash. Mounted from the end to the door and the box and allow you to open the design to 180. Lobernye hinges are very popular on folding tables.
  • Reverse loop. Allows you to open the door 180 degrees and return back, as at the entrance to the supermarket.
  • Heel. Attached to the corner of the facade. It can go deeper into the sash, but is only suitable for lightweight doors. Therefore, its use is very limited.

Loops also vary in use in certain materials. For glass, plastic, fiberboard need different loops.

There are also two types of hinges, differing in installation. Slide-ons are standard hinges, and clip-ons are instant installation loops. Clip-on hinges reduce installation time by up to 60%, due to a folding hinge, which has two parts that snap into place.

Another type of hinges for kitchen furniture - it loops with a gardener. Their price is much higher, but it justifies itself. First, it is convenient. Pushed the door, and it closed further by itself. Secondly, it preserves the condition of the furniture. Since the closers themselves regulate the closing force of the door, they also preserve the facades and the box itself in its original condition. Thirdly, they prevent the sound of doors slamming without irritating the nervous system.

How to install

Installing door hinges on kitchen cabinets is a simple process. But still it requires little knowledge and skills.

The tool that you need when installing the door hinges:

  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • drill;
  • cutter;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws.

First, make the layout of the hinge on the door. In order to cut a loop in the door you need to drill a hole. For this, the center of the circle is marked in which the cup of the furniture hinge will be installed. The number of hinges on the door must be at least two and depends on the weight of the door and its size.The distance between the hinges should be at least 45 cm, from the upper edge of the door - approximately 10 cm, from the side edge - 2.1 cm. To facilitate the work you need to make a template in the form of a rectangle with the appropriate dimensions. Then you do not have to measure these distances for each loop, and there will be less chance of a mistake.

Now drill the hole. To do this, install a 35 mm diameter cutter in the drill and make a hole with a depth of 1, 25 cm. At the same time, if your facade has an indented pattern on the outside, you should reduce the hole depth by a couple of millimeters to eliminate the possibility of making a hole through.

Next, put the loop itself in the hole, and fasten it with screws.

Now you need to hang the door on the box.

When you start to fix the door, it must be placed 2 mm lower and 1 mm to the side of the edge, so that the facade can be easily adjusted later. In the end is screwed loop with screws to the box.

Next, make the adjustment of the facade.

There is an opportunity to make adjustment in three planes:

  • To the side. This method is usually applied immediately after installation, to adjust the diagonal of the product.To do this, use the screw in the loop, which is located on the loop closer to the edge of the box.
  • Down up. This method is also used to adjust the door after installation, and when the door is sagging during operation. To adjust the door vertically, slightly loosen the screws, with which the hinge is screwed to the wall of the box, after which it is possible to raise or lower the door a few millimeters.
  • In depth. Here the distance between the facade and the box is adjusted. To make this adjustment, you need to slightly unscrew the distant screw on the hinge and move the door a few millimeters in or out.

How to choose hanging

When choosing, it is better to immediately determine what functions you want to see at the door of kitchen furniture and determine the type of hinges.

Choosing hinges for the doors of kitchen furniture, you need to figure out what material they are made of. You need to stop your choice on products made of high-grade steel.

You should not choose cheap hinges for hanging door fronts on your kitchen set, as there is a direct relationship here: price - quality.

The hinges with the closer are always more priority than the usual ones, because they regulate the closing force of the doors, keep the furniture, not allowing the doors to slam, besides, these hinges withstand greater loads than usual ones. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, purchase accessories for the kitchen only from well-known manufacturers. In this case, it will serve you for a long time, without requiring replacement and special adjustments.

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