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The most economic place in any house was and remains the kitchen. In it, as a rule, many small household appliances, dishes, household appliances and food are concentrated in a small space. In this regard, the question becomes urgent - how to most effectively use the space in the kitchen to accommodate all the items?

Small tricks of the "kitchen" life

It is worth paying attention to some techniques used in picking the space inside the cabinets.

Appearance of kitchen furniture is only a screen behind which the huge set of everyones useful tools for life hides. It is important to arrange them so that the necessary thing is easily located, as well as to see every object. Think over all the nuances of storage, create ideas - this will allow you to rationally, and most importantly, functionally manage the space inside the drawers of kitchen furniture.

Therefore, for every woman, these tips will become real.assistants who allow you to get real pleasure from being in the kitchen and from the process of cooking. Let's try to figure out what tricks you can use?

Pro tips

Experienced designers advise to make the lower floors of cabinets with retractable shelves, avoiding the standard option with opening doors. Retractable version allows you to easily reach objects located in the depth of the cabinet. You will be able to get everything you need without bending down and turning everything around. This option will save great space inside the kitchen furniture.

One big is better than the small two

Storage boxes with high side and rear edges will help to use the internal space more economically. It is better to choose one big box than two small ones. The absence of extra partitions will have an advantageous effect on saving internal space.

If the kitchen has hard drawers, then you should take care of equipping them with air suspension. This will open them more easily.

The shock absorber and closer allow your drawers to open more easily and comfortably.A variety of trays that divide the space in the closet will also be a convenient help to maintain order. Cross-section and longitudinal dividers of this type can be rearranged in the closet to the places convenient for you.

Items that you use more often, store in the foreground among all the things in the drawer, or make room for them under the table top in lightweight drawers.

How about boxes without handles or transparent options?

Boxes without handles look great. To open them, you just need a little pressure on them. You can also consider an interesting option - boxes with transparent sides. Thanks to this design, you can see where you are lying. Why not hide a few drawers behind a single facade? This will also save space in the closet.

Do not do without a dryer for dishes

An integral attribute of kitchen furniture is a dryer for dishes. It can be placed both independently and become a filler or kitchen cabinet. Objects such as drying are made from metal or plastic, but always have good strength.

Trays for spoons and forks are recommended to be placed in a sliding wardrobe, preferably in the top, since these items are most often needed in everyday life.You can individually select the desired configuration of a similar tray for your features.

How to effectively use the cabinet under the sink?

Of particular interest is the space under the sink. Since there are pipes and other water supply structures there, this place is the hardest to use. In this case, various trays and baskets will help you. You can build a retractable U-shaped system, securing the design of the shelves on the back side of the door. U-shape will allow the subject to be adapted to the shape of the water supply system. Such a solution will make it possible to maximize the use of the space inside the drawer.

For corner kitchens suitable "carousel"

Corner kitchens are considered to be the most difficult to use, as they lose a lot of useful space. The rotating carousel is capable of solving this problem in such a case. Its angle of rotation is 270 degrees.

It allows you to unite around yourself a few shelves, the necessary of which due to the rotation can get closer to you. This will make the most useful space inside the corner kitchen.The design is suitable for both the lower and the upper corner cabinet. It can be used not only inside the kitchen furniture, but also outside (option attached to the furniture facade).

“Magic Corner” - truly magical

One of the universal inventions is a magic corner. It is usually attached to the door and is a rotating device, equipped with various drawers. The corner is great for a swing or corner cabinet.

What about the lifting mechanism?

Suspended cabinets can be equipped with lifting mechanisms. Such an approach would avoid the option of doors opening in different directions. Your door will open vertically, that is up. Special clamps for ease of use will be able to hold it in the open position. The mechanism of such a door resembles a kind of elevator.

There is room for a column in the kitchen.

The mesh design called the column is designed for use in high kitchen cabinets. Thanks to this, it is possible to place about five specialized baskets in one closet. For ease of operation, they are equipped with special guides that allow the drawers to be pushed to their full amplitude.

If we choose a column, then we can be sure that such a construction will allow us to inspect everything that is in our box in just a few seconds and also quickly retract the structure to its original position.

How much the column will ultimately cost depends on the material from which it is made, as well as on which fittings are used in the design of the product.

How to store glass bottles so as not to break them?

Let's take a closer look at the bottle-maker - a specially narrow space created for storing bottles. Several such niches can be located one after another. Bottle holders are put forward at the same time and perform the main task - they provide instant and comfortable access to the bottles that you have in the kitchen.

Such equipment under certain circumstances can be adapted for storage of bulk seasonings in banks, as well as cereals.

Modern technology will hide the trash bin

We have listed a lot of modern devices that appeared not so long ago to make your life in the kitchen easier and more comfortable. Progress and good old bins did not bypass the progress.Today, they can be extended in a variety of ways, can be equipped with retractable structures and a variety of pedals and valves that make their appearance automatic. Urns are often very comfortable and almost imperceptibly embedded in furniture. The convenience of such systems is that the bins are easily removed from them and can be replaced without obstacles.

Rail systems

Today, an unprecedented popularity is gaining a variety of railing systems. And they are a pipe attached to the base of the wall onto which various kitchen utensils are attached, for example, cleaning for onions or nuts, graters, ladles, various large spoons for pans, colander and other items. Such designs allow you to get additional free space in the boxes, while the appearance of the kitchen from their appearance does not become careless.

Despite the fact that all objects will be open, this design looks highly aesthetically pleasing and interesting. That is what it is, railing. You can try.

What else is a place in the kitchen?

In addition to standard ways of filling kitchen furniture, you can try a variety of techniques.Install an ironing board in the kitchen, special equipment to store pans or pots, equip it with bar devices to hold glasses for cocktails or wine glasses, install a non-standard system where you will dry clean dishes.

Designed for convenience, a variety of cornices, hanging elements and carousels can be supplemented with original containers for spices. Shelves, racks, holders, stands are small things at a glance, but they make a significant contribution to the process of restoring order on the kuna. These items are required for each family. Let's take a closer look at the features of small accessories created for more convenient use of cabinets.

Open or closed furniture?

When making the kitchen there is such an extraordinary option as furniture with open cabinets. It has its pros and cons.

Benefits include lower cost. They are cheaper because their production takes less material due to the lack of doors. Conveniently in such furniture and the fact that all items are at your fingertips. You do not need to open and hold the sash.

The openness of the shelves will allow you to aesthetically arrange a variety of interesting containers,as well as household items or dishes. With proper design such a move can make your interior much more interesting.


Such a solution as the acquisition of open shelves, has its own "dark" side. If you still installed a similar version of shelves, then do not be lazy to always keep the kitchen in order. At an unexpected visit of guests, they will be able to seriously confuse the carelessly scattered cans of coffee, various bags, boxes and other items.

The lack of a door affects the more intense accumulation of dust. Therefore, you will have to wipe several times a week not only shelves, but everything that is placed on them.

When planning the installation of this version of the cabinet, think in advance where and what you put. On what shelf, what dishes place. Consider that problems may arise in the future when buying dishes - it just does not fit into your "open interior".

Also note that the open shelves are less roomy, because they can not put objects on top of each other. Otherwise, you face the unpleasant state of mess in your kitchen. In general, intensively packed shelves will not only not decorate the interior, but rather the opposite - they will make it unattractive.

Kitchen set with doors - a more convenient solution

The headset with closed doors will accommodate more items that can be placed more closely to each other. Also there you can make boxes on top of each other. You can not worry about the accumulation of dust and litter, since all things will be hidden from view. It must be remembered that a headset with doors will be almost twice as expensive as a similar open model.

Wall cabinets

Very convenient for the kitchen wall cabinets. They are ideally suited for dishes, cups, mugs, etc. Most often, the place for such a cabinet is located directly above the sink.

In the upper tier often place the dryer, so that the water drained from the dishes. This design contributes to a more rapid drying of the dishes. At the bottom of the cabinet are usually put containers for food.

In the event that the hostess does not rub the dishes with a towel, but puts them immediately in the closet, we advise you to lay a rag or piece of cloth inside, to the very bottom of the space. The fabric absorbs moisture. To maintain hygiene it will need to be replaced regularly.

How to store food inside cabinets?

We recommend storing together, for example, various types of tea and coffee. Not far from tea, put tasty pastries, organize several small boxes for spices and other powdered products.

You can use a small wall cabinet with open shelves. It will be interesting to look at a set of cans, designed, for example, for storing cereals and spices.

You can also buy plastic beautiful containers for cereals. This is more convenient than storing the grain in a bag. You can quickly take the right amount of cereal for cooking, and the aesthetic side of the issue in this case wins.

Floor cabinets-tables

On arms you can take the floor wardrobes-tables. These cabinets are designed to store large items: dishes, pots and household appliances. They comfortably accommodate the stock of products purchased for the future. For flour, equip a similar item with a large container, where you can pour it. This ensures that the flour most likely will not crumble.

Using all the data in the article tips can make your time spent in the kitchen more easy and enjoyable. And also you will not feel tired after doing your homework, disorder and a mess will not take away your energy and strength, and the disorder will not irritate you. You will easily send all your creative potential to the right economic channel and will be able to cook something tasty for relatives and close people.

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