Corner wall cabinet for the kitchen

Special features

Hinged corner cabinets are perfect for both small kitchens, and for more spacious premises. Their location is very convenient, with their help you can easily equip any kitchen. Such a locker can be placed in any corner of the room, it will take up very little space.

There are many models of criminal wall cabinets for the kitchen, they can have the most diverse design and size. You can easily find a cabinet suitable for your kitchen. Such lockers are an excellent solution for owners of houses and apartments with a small kitchen, because they are rather compact, but at the same time very functional and simply indispensable in everyday life. Corner closet has a main feature - it helps the hostess to save kitchen space.


With its compactness, such locker models are very roomy: they can be used for storing dishes, appliances and other kitchen utensils, and for storing products such as cereals, spices, sugar, and salt.Moreover, an angled wall cabinet, although it can hold all of this, but it does not look cumbersome and rather neat.

Separately, it should be noted their appearance and variety of models. You can choose a fully enclosed corner cabinet with blank doors or, on the contrary, an open one with glass doors. And the last option looks very elegant, manufacturers of glass decorate the doors with patterns in different ways, which makes it very stylish. This kitchen cabinet is a great solution and can perfectly complement the interior design of your kitchen.

Now fully open corner kitchen cabinets, which in appearance resemble shelves, are very popular. In addition to its main role - the storage of kitchen utensils, this model of the cabinet can be used to decorate your kitchen. On such shelves you can arrange beautiful designer dishes, vases and other interesting and unusual items that attract attention. In addition, on the shelf of the open corner kitchen cabinet, you can even install a small TV, as well as a record player or a radio.

Some people prefer to place corner kitchen cabinets above the sink, since in this case it is possible to integrate a dishwasher into it. It is very convenient and functional. The big advantage of the corner kitchen cabinet is that it can be used to cover engineering communications, meters and other items. Another interesting solution is an angled wall cabinet for the kitchen with a decorative rotating carousel, on which beautiful plates, glasses, jugs, glasses and other decorative dishes are placed. For better decoration you can build a pendant in such a kitchen cabinet.


The most popular g-shaped corner mounted modules, because if you open the doors of such a cabinet, they will not take up extra space. And the inner space of this element of kitchen interior will be available, even if you do not fully open the door of the cabinet. In addition, the entire kitchen utensils in such a locker will be in sight, so you do not need to purchase such a model, equipped with additional drawers.

A set of such cabinets can be a combination of open and closed elements.In addition, their popularity due to the functionality and convenience has pushed manufacturers to create a huge number of the most interesting and unusual models of such kitchen cabinets.

The second type of corner hinged kitchen cabinets is a straight shaped corner locker. This model of the cabinet is very versatile and convenient in that you can attach other cabinets and other interior elements to it from any side. Straight corner cabinets are great for owners of kitchens with corner sinks. But this model has one major drawback: access to the blank wall of this design is difficult, so in order to get any things from the depth of the locker, you will need to additionally use special fittings.

Another model of the corner wall cabinet is a trapezoidal kitchen cabinet. Due to the fact that it has the shape of a trapezoid, you can easily attach a few more hanging kitchen cabinets to it. A very interesting and functional solution would be the location of the trapezoidal cabinet above the sink, since in the central section of such a model it is possible to dry or store dishes, and the side parts of the structure can be used to store other things in the kitchen.There you can put detergents, sponges, brushes and more.


Such a locker can be selected depending on the interior of the kitchen as a whole. And you can choose a model that will be made of the same material from which other elements of the kitchen are made, such as a worktop, chairs or other cabinets. Such a locker can even be made with your own hands based on the design of your kitchen, as a rule, their design is very simple, and they are usually made of wood, chipboard, plywood, glass and other building materials. And if you decide to purchase such a wall cabinet, then all you have to do is to choose a cabinet of the most suitable color for your kitchen, color, design and model. As for color, designers present cabinets of neutral white and beige shades or warm tones of pink, green and yellow, and bright colors: red, lilac, orange models, there are even black corner cabinets.

How to choose

When choosing this element of kitchen interior, keep in mind that such a cabinet can be used as a separate structure, or in combination with other cabinets.Some hostesses for practicality prefer two or three corner cupboards for the kitchen. Thus, you can create a whole convenient complex for storing kitchen utensils, food and other necessary things for the kitchen. Choosing a kitchen corner cabinet or their complex, plan exactly how they will be located in your kitchen. You must initially find out the exact area of ​​the kitchen and make all the necessary measurements and calculations.

Of great importance is the size of such a corner cabinet. The cabinet is not bulky to be bulky, as bulky mounted models look very sloppy. In addition, you should not buy too deep kitchen corner cabinets, a depth of about 30-40 centimeters is considered permissible. Perhaps for someone such a locker will seem small, but you will not have any difficulties in removing the necessary things from there. When installing an angular hinged beam module, leave a margin of a few centimeters between the lockers, since it is very difficult to install such a locker according to plan and measurements.

When installing an angled wall cabinet for the kitchen, keep in mind that a little space in addition to this element of the interior will be taken by the plinth, as a rule, this distance is about five centimeters.Therefore, making measurements, add to your calculations and measurements a few more centimeters. It is important to align the walls before installing such a locker, as they will negatively affect the corner cabinet during installation. When measuring you should also consider all the irregularities of the walls.

There are universal models of lockers that fit every simple headset. But it is very difficult to find an appropriate kitchen cabinet for unusual kitchen sets, it is best to contact the manufacturer of the rest of the kitchen set for manufacturing this element of the interior. It is best to order a corner wall cabinet according to individual measurements, along with a full set of kitchen cabinets included in the kitchen set. The design and dimensions of kitchen cabinets will depend on the individual characteristics of each individual kitchen.

If you purchase individual items in the kitchen, you should be aware that finding the same dimensions will be quite difficult. To minimize the differences between a separate criminal wall cabinet and the rest of the kitchen design, try to get them together.When buying cabinets, better stick to the same chosen tone for all kitchen cabinets.


Depending on the wall and the material from which it is made, you can choose the most suitable type of mounting hinged locker. But it may also happen that different types of fastening are suitable for two completely similar corner cabinets. The type of fastening of the corner hinged locker will depend on the density of the wall, on the specific location of such a cabinet on the wall. Corner lockers can be installed by securing them with either self-tapping screws or turboprop screws.

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